Quick and Easy Tips to Decorate Fashionista’s Room

Decorate Fashionista's Room

Do you love fashion? And love to update yourself with trending fashion. Being a fashionista is about accepting what you love and implementing it in your personality. Real fashionistas put in lots of hard work and always consider self-validation. So, one thing all fashion enthusiasts have in common is a beautiful room reflecting their personality.

So, let’s look at all the quick and easy tips to decorate a fashionista’s room!

A wall Full of Personality

A wall Full of Personality

A fashion enthusiast room having a blank wall is a big NO! Instead, line up some extraordinary fashion wall arts like these, having illustrations that match your style. Wall arts like canvas, paintings, photo prints, etc., are available in all genres. You can go for some sassy quotes, peppy women, model portrayals, etc. 

You can hang them on the wall adjacent to the dressing area, above the bed, or on a large blank wall. The wall arts are available in all small to big sizes having single or multi-panels. The premium touch, colors, and texture bring many personalities and look complete.

Decorate the Dressing Area

As some who adore the style, you must be spending lots of time in the dressing area. So, decorate the place for all good vibes and make the mirror selfies more uploadable. You can place a repainted vintage wooden ladder beside the mirror for hanging all quick accessories. Also, add some string lights to the area. 

Install bulbs on the large full-length mirror for a clear view. Place a bright chair and make the place tidy with functional organizers. Place a coat stand, mannequin, or scarf stand in this area to display some iconic possession. Also, fashionably display pieces of jewelry and accessories.

Add Dreamy Curtains

Curtains change the look of the space. And as a fashionista, you can add a little drama with the curtains. You can go for ruffle curtains which give a tinge of vintage fashion and look unique. Also, go for tall curtains, which look very bold and beautiful. Make your room comfortable and bright by mixing and matching the right things.

Reflect the Personality With Ornate Mirrors

Reflect the Personality With Ornate Mirrors

Classic vintage ornate mirrors look so classy and give a glam vibe to your room. You can hang a mirror with a rich golden or metallic border on the door. Also, you can turn them on the wall above the bed. Use a full-length or half vintage mirror as a dressing mirror. Also, you can introduce a rich makeup mirror with a pretty stand and carvings. 

The mirrors reflect your personality and give an illusion of a larger room by reflecting light in dark places. So, it’s quite a practical and attractive decor idea for your space. You can easily use your regular mirror with a simple border and add an ornate frame in local shops. Then, repaint it to your favorite color and welcome luster in your room.

Hang a Dramatic Light

Little layering in the form of light is advisable. While diving into some thinking sessions, you can switch to warm, low lighting. You can hang a ceiling hanging light in front of the dressing area. Go for pendant lights, chandeliers, or basket lights.

Also, table lamps and floor lamps having warm shades and bright colors look complete and go with someone who loves fashion.

Rugs Will Uplevel Aesthetics

Rugs having unique Moroccan, geometric and abstract prints look beautiful. You can place it under the bed, in the dressing area, etc. Not only do rugs feel soft on the feet, but they also look very attractive. Rugs are available in all sizes and are very affordable and beautiful.

Last but not the Least (Add What you Love)

A true fashionista doesn’t follow people aimlessly. A real style icon knows what they love and adopts that style in unique ways. So, pick up your favorite idea and bring character to your room with elements you love, create your style sense and always slay!

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Quick and Easy Tips to Decorate Fashionista’s Room

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