5 Effective Ways To Finish What You Start

Ways To Finish What You Start

Setting a goal is just like hiking up a mountain, in the beginning you’re all excited and the adrenaline rush keeps you going. As you’re halfway there, the pain and tiredness of the climb sets in, making you wish you could just give up and go home. But if you do that, you’ll miss out on the best part of the climb, and the reason why you started the hike in the first place – the view at the top. Unfortunately, not many of us make it to the top; we choose to give up and convince ourselves that we’ll try another day. It’s a vicious cycle.

Oftentimes, you’re just overwhelmed and tired of juggling many different things at once. This is when it’s good to pause and note everything down in a journal (the MiGOALS progress journal is a good choice) so that you can focus on one thing at a time and see it to completion. Here are some further tips on how you can finish what you started and finally reach your end goal victoriously.

1. Make a plan

When it comes to seeing your goals through to the end, your planner is your best friend. Invest in a Goal Digger planner so that you can specify your daily tasks, how you’re planning to achieve them, and how long it will take to reach your end goal. This way, you can also keep track of your progress and motivate yourself especially when you’re in that “middle zone” and wanting to give up. The best part of noting everything down in a planner is that you get the satisfaction of physically crossing off your daily tasks and knowing that you’re closer to the end than the beginning.

2. Commit to less

We are all guilty of becoming greedy when we set goals for ourselves. This is often the reason why nothing ever gets done completely – because we get tired of trying to perfect the 20 things that we set out to do by the end of the month. To successfully get to the end goal, you need to be selective on what you’re committing to. Try out three goals at a time and focus all your energy on them. Be realistic about how much you can take on top of your daily responsibilities. Don’t try to lose 10 pounds, learn Spanish, and sleep better within the same month. You will definitely burn yourself out and not achieve any of it.

3. Avoid getting stuck

As with any projects that you undertake in life, there will be obstacles and roadblocks that you have to face. So instead of being caught off guard, list down the possible hurdles that you might encounter in your MiGOALS progress journal. Then, brainstorm possible solutions to these challenges. If your goal is to eat clean, then have a plan in place for days when you are too tired to cook. This may mean setting aside extra money for a healthy take-out or converting that day to a cheat day. By being realistic and taking into account these potential hurdles in advance, you’ll be better prepared to face them head-on should they arise.

4. Get inspired

If you’re feeling demotivated to see yourself through to the end of a goal, try to get inspired by other people. In your progress journal, list down the people who inspired you to take on this goal; so when you’re feeling down, all you have to do is look back at the list and pick a person to go read about or watch an interview of them. Note down quotes that strike a chord with you in your journal and use those quotes to motivate yourself and keep you going. Change it up with a different role model every time you feel like giving up so that you don’t feel bored or desensitised.

5. Keep yourself accountable

Sometimes it’s all about your self-discipline. Maybe you need to cut out your afternoon nap or spend less time scrolling through your phone. Other times you may need help from friends and family. For example, you can ask someone you trust to keep an eye on you and hold you accountable. You could even invite them to join you in chasing your goals so you have a companion and don’t feel alone. They can also make your tasks seem like a friendly competition in order to keep the fire going until the end. Ultimately, you need to remind yourself why you started out doing this and convince yourself to keep going until you achieve what you wanted.

Interestingly, it’s the challenges that arise during the process of achieving your goals that ultimately define who you really are and make you better. Good luck!

5 Effective Ways To Finish What You Start

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