Five Tips To Keep Your Dog Active


Active and moving pets bring out the best companion in them. Keeping your four-legged friend active is the way to their happiness.

Like humans, animals also need good nutrition and exercise. It sometimes becomes tough even for us to manage our proper time for exercise and nutrition for proper health. Considering this, it becomes tougher when it comes to our pets. The type of exercise and diet depends upon the physiological features of your pet such as height, weight, size, age. As the winters are approaching, the urge to work out slowly fades off.

Nobody wants to step out in these chilling winds; therefore, it becomes tough to put ourselves out. To improve the condition of your pets, it is therefore essential to consult your veterinarian first. Pets also become prone to obesity, just like humans when they get more rest and food. It has been surveyed that almost 50% of cats and dogs are obese and unhealthy. So it is therefore very important to take your pet out and keep them active and healthy.

We Have Listed Out Five Tips That Can Help You To Keep Your Dog Active :

Go For That Extra Mile

Switch up your daily walking routine and keep it more interesting and exciting. Try to add a few minutes to your daily walking routine. Choosing a new route for your walk can also make your pet curious about the new trail. And they can accompany you for that extra block. The benefit will surely be reaped by both you and your pet. If you don’t have much time to devote to walking, you can choose to reach somewhere on foot along with your pet. Whenever you have to visit a nearby place or shop, then choose to walk the distance and burn calories instead of burning fuel.

Changing Patterns

In the walking session, you can add a lot more exciting patterns. Just walking leisurely will not trigger the endorphins. Endorphins are the happy hormones that keep the mood happy and light. You can also add varying patterns, such as doing jogging one day while walking briskly the other. This is best for the health of the heart of both you and your pet. You can also let your dog walk with your friends or other family members so that their pace of walking changes every time they accompany different companions.

Play Around With Your Pets

Pets love to play; it is a very true fact that people who own pets love to play a lot. It is so because pets are naturally built-in with that amusing playing factor. Go and fetch are the most common games especially loved by dogs a lot. Give your pets your time to play with them. Try to add a few minutes more to it. Taking your pet to playgrounds or parks gives them enough space to play and run around. Pets love open spaces as they feel free to jump, run and fetch lively. Conducting active play sessions will be fun for both of you, which will also empower the stamina of your pets. Furthermore, accidents are inevitable for very active dogs, you can purchase dog knee brace online.

Bring Them Toys

Pets who love to play with different items attract them and excite them to go and fetch stuff or snuggle the stuffy dog’s toys and accessories within their claws and hands. When they hop around and jump in excitement, healthy movement and cardiovascular endurance get encouraged. Enhanced mental drilling toys boost their focus and control impulsive behavior.

You can consider purchasing dogs toys online if you don’t find time to go to an offline store. Try to choose premium brand toys that can improve their cognitive skills and can prove healthy for your pets.

Give Them Mental Stimulation

Mental activeness automatically builds physical health. Train your dog to do mental exercise, create puzzle games. While playing, go and fetch the stuff in a new location. Creating situations where they have to drill out their brains, enhanced cognitive skills also makes them active. Mental stimulation enriches a dog’s life by eliminating behavioral stress such as unreasonable barking or excessive chewing. Puzzle toys are a great way of engaging them and boosting their confidence.

Spending more and more time with your four-legged animals is fun for both of you. Let the endorphins flow and feel the stress automatically getting relieved. It will gradually enhance the bond shared by you with your Hairy softy partner. Keeping them happy and active will lead to a healthier life.

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Five Tips To Keep Your Dog Active

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