Top 5 Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom


If you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom in your home, get creative and make the most of your space. When it comes to spare rooms, some people deck them out as guest rooms despite only hosting one or two visitors per year, while others cram it with miscellaneous items. Instead of wasting this space, turn it into a functional room. Here are five great ideas to help you make the most out of your spare bedroom.

Walk-In Wardrobe

Fashionistas with bulging wardrobes will enjoy an entire room dedicated to their clothes. A walk-in wardrobe can help keep your clothes and accessories off the floor and give you extra space to get ready for all occasions. In addition to hanging space and a dressing area, you can go all out with a beauty bar. Just add good lighting, a multi-purpose dresser, and efficient storage for all of your products.

Room For Rent

If your room is already decorated as a spare bedroom, why not make some money and rent it out? Short-term rentals are perfect for people who still use their spare room for guests on occasion, but you can make a decent, passive income if you rent your room out long term. All you really need is a clean room with a bed. However, furnishing the room with a desk and a wardrobe will enable you to raise the rent. If you plan to redecorate your room to rent it out, make sure you choose the best bed for your spare room. Some wall beds feature a built-in desk and are ideal for compact rooms, while storage beds can be used to store clothes and can save you from cashing out on a wardrobe.

Home Cinema

A home cinema is a great idea for movie buffs and those who like to kick back and relax after work. This idea is suitable for rooms that are large enough for a wide screen, a high-quality sound system, and enough seating for you and your loved ones.

Indoor Garden

Apartment-dwellers with a green thumb may be frustrated at the lack of outdoor space at home. With an indoor garden, you can nurture your passion for gardening. The temperature is easy to control indoors, and adequate shelving space and good light fixtures will enable you to grow a variety of plants.

Pet Sanctuary

Pet owners who adore their four-legged friends can show their love for their animals by creating a sanctuary for them to enjoy. Transform your spare room into a dedicated pet sanctuary by furnishing it with themed décor, a plush bed, and comfortable blankets. Make the room more personal by adding accessories that are specific to your animal. For example, cats may enjoy a multi-level scratching post, while dogs will appreciate a miniature ball pit of their own. Don’t forget to add their favorite toys. If your pampered creature enjoys getting dressed up, add some storage space for their clothes and accessories.

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Top 5 Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom

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