Top Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

A baby on the way? Congratulations!

As expected, you are eagerly waiting to welcome your bundle of joy to the world and give it immense love. A part of waiting for your baby will definitely include getting some baby clothes. However, baby clothing shopping is quite different from buying adult clothes with plenty of considerations to make.

Understandably, becoming a parent can be overwhelming, coupled with plenty of excitement; thus, some things can be easily be overlooked when baby shopping. These helpful pointers below will make things easier for you.

Don’t buy in bulk

Babies grow so fast, and you will notice that your baby has already overgrown some of the clothes. Hence, you might end up not using most of the clothes if you buy them in bulk. Besides, you will have likely received some baby clothes from family and friends. So, only buy enough clothes for your baby.

Be functional

Sure, dressing up your baby in cute outfits can be exciting, but it’s wise to choose functionality over anything else. For example, babies often change clothes severally throughout the day because of poop or pee, and it’s crucial to get clothes that are easy to change. Look for easy to stretch clothes or with easy fasteners to make clothes change more convenient.

Besides, you can always combine style and functionality. There are plenty of stylish baby clothes with numerous options. Look for baby clothes online and buy cute and functional outfits from wherever you are. Turtledove London baby clothing offers collections of high functionality and style to make dressing your infant a breeze.

Consider the fabric

Babies have very sensitive skin susceptible to rashes and other skin irritations. Some fabrics are actually culprits to these irritations, and this is why it’s advisable to know which fabric is right for a baby. For instance, nylon and polyester can cause skin irritation and discomfort as they don’t absorb moisture to regulate the infant’s body temperature.

On the other hand, fabrics such as cotton and bamboo are great choices because they are derived from natural sources and have excellent properties.

Choose a size bigger

Again, babies grow very fast. Your baby might not fit into some of the clothes worn during the first few weeks. You want to buy clothes that will be around for the longest possible. Hence, it’s a great idea to buy clothes slightly bigger than your baby’s size. For example, you can choose 3 to 6 months outfits for a newborn instead of 0 to 3 months. You can always roll the sleeves and unroll them as your baby grows.  However, this does not mean you buy ridiculously bigger sizes.

Watch out for irritants

Tags behind the neckline can be very irritating even for adults, even worse on the baby’s sensitive skin. Ensure that you get rid of these tags on every outfit or simply buy tag-free clothes.

Also, look out for metal buttons since they have been known to cause irritation in some babies. Also, be sure to wash all new clothes in non-fragrant detergent to get rid of any chemicals that might have been used on the clothes.

Consider the on and off process

While buttons, zippers, and snaps can be cute, they can equally be frustrating when you need a quick diaper or clothes change. Since babies spend most of their time lying on their backs, clothes with buttons along the back can be frustrating to put on and are also irritating to the baby. Hence, it’s wise to opt for outfits that are easy to pull on and off to save you frustration.


When buying baby clothes, consider the climate you are in and purchase season-appropriate clothing. Also, consider the geographic location and buy what is appropriate for your area. What one wears in one state will be different from another state; hence, look for the product description to know if the fabric is heavy or light. You can get high-quality clothes for all seasons from stores such as Matisaurus.


Numerous clothes do not meet safety standards out there. Do not buy baby clothes with decorations such as hooks and bows because they can choke your baby. If an outfit must contain such decorations, ensure that they are firmly attached.

Shopping for baby clothes can be fun and confusing. This is why you ought to have your head in the right place. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the perfect clothes for your baby.

Top Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

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