Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling: Methods, Mysteries and Love

Turkish traditions

Turkish coffee isn’t just a drink; it is an experience like no other. As soon as you enter a coffeehouse in the heart of Istanbul or Ankara, you will be enveloped in the deep aroma of fragrant and delicious coffee. This is made so much better with the smell of freshly baked buns and bread that comes wafting through the kitchen.

On the side, you will probably come across a fortune teller or two who insist that they can tell you deep secrets about your past and future through a cup of coffee. Strange as it may sound, these fortune tellers date back centuries, with the knowledge of the unseen passed down to newer generations from their grandmothers and aunties.

Turkish coffee fortune telling is a true art. While the drink itself is truly unique in the way it is prepared and left unstrained in your cup and turkish coffee benefits are superb, the fact that it holds mysterious secrets further adds to the charm of this experience.

Your Future Told Through a Cup of Delicious Coffee

This Turkish tradition is one of the oldest cultural practices of the country, dating back to the 18th century. Formerly called Tasseography, this type of fortune-telling involves reading the images and designs left behind in your coffee cup once you’ve enjoyed the drink.

What to Expect

When you decide to hire the talents of a Turkish fortune teller, they will ask you to sit back, relax and sip your coffee calmly. Once you’ve finished the beverage, make a personal wish for something you long for and hand over the cup and saucer to the fortune teller.

The fortune teller will place the saucer on top of your coffee cup and make sure it is sealed properly. Then, they will hold the cup to chest level and rotate it three times, so the left offers coffee drops, and grounds form a shape. The cup is then placed upside down of the sauces, left to cool and dry for a few minutes, and returned to an upright position.

The reader will then begin your coffee fortune-telling by carefully studying the patterns and shapes inside the cup. Each shape is prophesized to have a special meaning that reveals deep secrets about your past, present, and future. 

Additionally, the colour of the coffee drops and grounds in your cup also holds a special meaning.  Light-coloured images and symbols mean that the wish you made at the start will come true. On the other hand, if the colour is darker, your wish might fail.

Interpreting Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling Signs

Now that the signs and symbols have formed beautifully, your coffee fortune teller will get to work on interpreting them. You will notice two lines running horizontally and vertically from the handle of your cup. They divide the insides of the cup into four different sections.

The right-hand side of your cup contains everything positive in your life, whether it is from the past or yet to come. However, the left side indicates negative things or traumatic experiences.

Once the fortune teller has determined the good and the bad, they will then try to recognize the symbols and understand what they mean. Here are some of them and their meanings:

  • Thick horizontal line: a shipment or package is on the way for you.
  • Arrow pointing upwards: you will receive money soon without working too hard.
  • Black dots: this symbolizes good fortune.
  • Ribbon or bow: a sign of a possible engagement or wedding in the near future.

The Grounds are Important Too!

Finally, at the end of your Turkish coffee fortune telling session, the grounds left behind in your cup will receive some attention. The fortune teller will pour out the grounds onto the saucer and hold it vertically to form an image. This image is identified and interpreted through their extensive knowledge about coffee fortune-telling and the secrets it holds.

Your coffee grounds are an affirmation of the fortune-telling that the coffee offers. So, remember to let them sit instead of straining the grounds out of your coffee! We wish you amazing success in your personal, professional, and love life for the future!

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Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling: Methods, Mysteries and Love

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