Types of Cyber Security Solutions


It is becoming increasingly important for all types of businesses to make sure their information systems are secure. That means understanding the different types of cyber security solutions and investing in cyber security insurance products to protect against financial losses caused by hacking or other digital threats. The following are the most common types of cyber security solutions available for small business owners looking to protect themselves against digital threats.

1) Firewall

A firewall helps establish a barrier between an internal local area network and an external network, such as the internet. It evaluates data packets that are sent or received by users on the internal network to determine whether they should be allowed through or not. That is particularly beneficial for companies with remote employees because it ensures that only approved connections can travel past the firewall. Understandably, firewalls prevent hackers from accessing private networks using password cracking,  Distributed Denial of Service  (DDoS) attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Although they can be expensive to maintain, firewalls are considered one of the most vital pieces of cyber security solutions for business owners.

2) Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

IDS/IPS solutions are used to detect and prevent attacks from executing within an environment. In particular, these solutions attempt to find and repair any vulnerabilities in a company’s network by breaking through the firewall from both external and internal networks. Using simulated attacks that are carried out to identify, report, and fix the vulnerability before a hacker discovers it. Most importantly, organizations have been leveraging IDS/IPS solutions in their security stack for the past two decades. More recently, when you look at commerx.ca/, you will realize that these systems are being utilized within the data centers and offices due to the ubiquity of servers and endpoints.

3) Log Management

Log management is a crucial component of any cyber security solution, given the sheer amount of daily information generated from servers and endpoints. By leveraging the associated meta-data with these events, organizations have been able to identify malicious activity in their environment quickly and easily. In addition to log management, organizations utilize security information and event management solutions and security information management (SIM/SIMM) solutions for this same purpose.

4) Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Network  (VPN) allows users to encrypt information being transmitted over public networks. When a VPN is set up, it creates a secure “tunnel” between the user and the company they are using as an intermediary, ensuring the data remains private. That prevents onlookers from stealing sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, and bank details (which can lead to money being stolen).

5) Secure web gateways (SGW)

A secure web gateway is a software solution designed to prevent unauthorized users from accessing private networks. This type of cyber security solution for small business owners acts as an intermediary between public websites and private servers, allowing only authorized traffic to pass through.

6) Anti-virus software

The three most common types of anti-virus programs are server, desktop, and cloud-based. Each performs the same basic function by preventing malware from entering the system through a scan.

7) Anti-spam filters

Most modern email programs contain anti-spam features, but many people choose to use additional third-party solutions which can block up to 99% of spam messages. That reduces the risk of employees receiving an unsolicited message containing phishing links or attachments that can infect the system with malware or ransomware. Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are another option to keep your data secure. Visit Globalscape to learn about MFT software.

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Types of Cyber Security Solutions

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