Reasons Why You Should Consider Frozen Shoulder Stretches

Frozen Shoulder Stretches

Frozen shoulder stretches are one of the many treatments for frozen shoulders. A frozen shoulder is known formally as adhesive capsulitis, and it causes pain in the shoulder area that can be very debilitating. This condition typically occurs in people over the age of 50, but it can affect younger people who have suffered an injury to their shoulder. Frozen shoulder treatment options range from corticosteroid injections to physical therapy exercises like frozen shoulder stretches. There are several reasons you should consider the stretches;

Reduce Pain Through Exercise

The first benefit of engaging in a regular stretching regimen is reducing your overall pain levels. Whenever you move your arm or use the affected joint range of motion, you will feel discomfort which could escalate into moderate to severe pain. By stretching the shoulder, you can help to control these symptoms and lessen their severity.

Increase Mobility

Frozen shoulder treatment often involves therapeutic exercises designed to increase your range of motion. Some frozen shoulder stretches involve rotating your arm in a circular pattern so that the muscles become more flexible and supple, thus increasing your movement abilities. Once you can move your shoulder again without feeling any discomfort, this increases your overall quality of life because you will perform normal tasks with ease once again.

Prevent The Condition from Reoccurring

People experience frozen shoulders because they suffer a traumatic injury or surgery that affects their ability to move their shoulder as they used to before the injury. If you can stretch your shoulder muscles consistently, they will be less apt to become “frozen” again in the future.

Gain control over the condition

The more control you have over your disease or condition, the better off managing the symptoms and improving your health. Many people with arthritis are disappointed by their lack of control. Still, if you put effort into frozen shoulder stretches regularly, they will give you some sense of power over your ailment that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Increase strength through exercise

Your doctor will likely recommend physical therapy exercises like frozen shoulder stretches after any surgical procedures so that these types of repetitive motions do not affect your recovery. You will be working with a physical therapist to learn the proper technique and determine how often you need to perform the stretches as part of your treatment plan.

Cultivate independence

As you improve your mobility, you can do work more independently around your home without others for help. This fact alone is enough motivation for some people to stick with arm stretches as a regular part of their daily routine. It helps them regain a sense of control over their lives that they may have lost during their injury or surgery.

The first step toward frozen shoulder stretches is getting an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional so that you know the exact cause of your symptoms and what type of treatment program is most likely to benefit you. Once you have an idea of what exercises are included in your recovery plan, make sure to get started right away because it can take several months or even longer for stretching to make a significant difference in your symptoms.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Frozen Shoulder Stretches

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