5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home for the 21st Century

Upgrade Your Home for the 21st Century

If you have an old home but love the convenience or aesthetics of modern amenities and design then do not fret! Check out our list of five-way to upgrade your home for the 21st Century.

Modernize Home Security

It used to be that home security meant large ugly boxes and heaps of cabling, but with the advent of wireless devices and smart home integration, it is easier than ever to set up a slick, modern home security system.

Arguably the most important parts of a home security system are the alarms and cameras. The parts of an alarm system and their placement are important to consider as well. Do you want security to be obvious, to deter would-be thieves, or would you prefer components to be hidden?

Finally, adding smart home integration to your security will allow you to do all sorts of cool and convenient tricks. You will be able to view video footage of your home through your phone when you are out and about or ask your assistant to arm your security system as you leave the house. You really cannot get much more modern than that.

Ditch The Switches

One of the easiest ways to spot an older property is yellowed, damaged, or otherwise dated light switch covers. Updating your light switches, and perhaps even incorporating dimmer switches, is a quick and simple way to instantly upgrade your home.

If you want to take it to the next level, however, then smart home automation comes to the rescue once more. In an automated lighting network, your phone can be used to control the lights in any part of your home, feeding information directly to a central hub. Now, instead of replacing those old, cracked light switch cases, you can get rid of them entirely!

Upgrade Your Garage

A home design trend that continues to grow is garage makeovers. You have a 21st-century vehicle, so why not house it in a 21st-century store?

Slatwall panels to disguise old drywall and exposed studs, quality floor coatings, and upscale cabinets and storage can all be used to transform a lackluster garage. With premium lighting, insulation upgrades and a modern garage door turning this often-overlooked area of the home into a five-star car showroom.

Bring the Indoors Out

A modern home renovation trend that is showing no signs of slowing down is the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor cooking and entertaining spaces are expected to be the most popular type of home remodeling project done over the coming years.

Large windows, big bi-fold doors and interior courtyards can all be used to blur the boundary between your house and garden. With premium built-in grills, refrigeration, and other interior kitchen amenities such as sinks and countertops making your outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to cook, relax and entertain.

Control Everything

You already have smart lighting and home security installed, so why stop there. Home automation has reached the point where virtually everything in your home can be controlled from one central hub.

This means fewer interfaces and wires to tarnish your modern décor and easier control of your smart devices.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home for the 21st Century

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