Vega fortune

Vega is a German rapper. How rich is Vega?

Rapper. Born 1985 in Offenbach am Main, Germany. Vega fortune is estimated at around 400 thousand euros. His mother is German and his father is Italian-Sicilian. He grew up in Höchst. He started rapping at an early age. He published his first rap works on the Internet under the name VRS.

Bourgeois name: Andre Witter
Vega size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2005
Cooperation with: Favorite, Separate, Bosca, Blumio, Kitty Kat, Arrest Warrant, Fard, Animus, Azad, Morlockk Dilemma, KC Rebel, Casper.

What is Vega’s net worth?
Vega’s assets are currently at € 400 thousand.

Record labels: Urban, Friends of Nobody, Buckwheats Music.
Music genres: German hip-hop, rap.
Debut studio album: I’d rather stay broke (2009).

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Vega fortune

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