Von Miller to the Rams

Von Miller was a huge deal that brought Von Miller to Rams. The Broncos received a pair of second-round picks and a third-round pick for Miller, a veteran pass rusher. The Rams also received $9 million of Miller’s remaining salary as a pre-paid payment. This gave them more cap space to spend money on other players. The move was huge for both teams but there were other factors.

Miller had stated that he would love the Rams to play for him, but he is not the dominant force in Denver. Although his loss is a big loss for the Titans it also shows that the Rams are in win now mode. Miller will make his home debut against the 6-2 Titans on Sunday. A move of this magnitude means a big boost for the Rams’ pass rush.

Von Miller will likely continue to play for the Rams, despite being a free agent following the 2016 season. The Rams also received two draft picks, as well as a guaranteed $9 million. With this move, Von Miller will join a strong defense that features Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and Leonard Floyd. The Rams’ defense is already hitting the ground running under new coordinator Raheem Morris.

Despite the hype surrounding the Von Miller signing, the deal is not really a huge surprise. The Rams are currently tied at 7-1 for the top spot in NFC. The Broncos will not have Derrick Henry but the Rams are confident they will be just the same in 2022. Both sides would benefit from a trade like this with the Broncos.

Von Miller spent his first 10 years with the Denver Broncos. But it was his rise that made the deal to the Bills so important. The Broncos converted Miller’s base salary to a $16 million bonus to make room for the salary cap. The deal between Von Miller, the Bills, isn’t exactly a bargain. He will make $722,222 in the second-year of the deal, which is quite a generous amount.

The trade also sparked speculation in Denver about Von Miller’s future. Rumours suggest that the Broncos were interested in the former Packers star. The Rams, meanwhile, were reportedly interested in getting Miller for a top-tier draft pick. The Rams will receive second-round picks for 2022 in exchange for the free agent. In addition to Miller, the Rams will also be paying $9 million of Miller’s salary.

The move is sensible, despite the uncertainty surrounding Von Miller’s future in the NFL. The Rams are desperate to re-sign players who have contributed to their success. Von Miller, once the face of #broncos, was an integral part the team’s success and won the Super Bowl LVII. He’s a future Hall-of-Famer.

Von Miller to the Rams
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