How You Should Maintain UPVC Windows Of Your Property


PVC window requires low maintenance and they do not require any care at all. These have moving parts where occasional oiling is needed. The main benefit is that you can maintain them for several years with a small investment of your time and without using paints or harsh chemicals. These extraordinary weatherproof uPVC windows will keep the interior of your house well protected from weather calamities.

How you can clean PVC windows or standard white double-glazed windows

Standard white double-glazed windows are convenient to look the very best with minimum maintenance level. It may appear like plastic though PVC-U windows are energy efficient and product of a sophisticated manufacturing process with the feature of massive technology.

New energy-efficient uPVC double-glazed windows use specially designed multi chamber internal structures that is made from recycled PVC with a high-quality external finish. The quality of the external finish makes PVC windows easy and convenient to maintain. By putting uPVC windows under a microscope, it becomes very smooth that can collect less dust and dirt but it does not become engrained by making it easy to shift. In most cases, wipe down with a damp cloth to eliminate the accumulation of dirt and pollens. If you are in Essex, You may contact glaziers who can help with efficient double glazing repair in Essex and ensure that the work is done in the most professional way.

If the stain marks or dirt seem to be extremely stubborn, take a specialist PVC cleaner to get rid of them quickly. You should not feel tempted for using an abrasive cleaner as it might deliver quicker results but in the process, you can damage the smooth surface of the window. Thus, it will create lots of micro-scratches that can collect dirt and make it much harder to clean the next time.


  • Wipe uPVC double glazed windows regularly by using a damp cloth


  • Use abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface of window frames

How to maintain wood grain and foiled double-glazed windows

Foils provide homeowners with all the benefits of PVC windows but with design flexibility. Try to match with specific designs and unique properties that deliver a distinct set of advantages. This consists of allowing you to develop a unique design or change the appearance of a traditional timber or aluminum window with a high-performance uPVC product and low maintenance.

PVC-U windows provide slim sightlines with a traditional aesthetic that consist of mechanical jointing and flush casements.  Mostly, using a regular wipe down by using a mild detergent or damp cloth will be sufficient to keep foiled windows look the very best.

It is essential that you do not use solvent cleaners or abrasive as these may weaken the bond between the window substrate and foil which can cause discoloration.


  • Wipe down daily with a damp cloth


  • Use abrasive cleaners or solvent-based cleaners

How to clean window glass

Selecting a dry, dull, and overcast day is perfect for cleaning the window glass. When it is very hot, the cleaner will dry onto glass by creating streaks. Before reaching a cloth or sponge, try to offer windows a quick sweep by using a soft brush to get rid of debris. This will stop from getting carried into drainage holes as you wash the windows causing blockages.

Avoid using harsh chemicals by choosing a dedicated window cleaner or adding a mild detergent to hot water and use a scrubber or sponge to get rid of dirt and debris. It is an important tool for cleaning windows, getting rid of excess dirt and water by delivering a streak-free finish.


  • Use dedicated detergent or a mild soapy water and a squeegee


  • Clean windows on hot or sunny days

How convenient it is to clean self-cleaning glass

Self-cleaning glass requires a wipe down and it is important to take proper care so that you may not damage special coatings. It is suggested to use a mild detergent and diluted and solution to ensure it is color free. When using frames and glass, you should not use solvent-based cleaners or abrasive.

Check for blockages

Most PVC window systems have special drainage holes that enable water trapped between the opening sash and frame. It is necessary to make sure that these remain clear by brushing out, gaining access safely or using a vacuum to get rid of any built-up of leaves or other items from the track that can be carried by water into drainage holes and avoid draining of water.


  • Brush or hoover the tracks daily between opening sash and frame


  • Try and flush debris through the drainage hole. It is quite easy to remove it when dry.

How you can maintain door and window hinges and hardware

It is necessary to be sure that the windows and locking mechanisms are lubricated properly and seals around the door. It is advised to use a silicone-based lubricant as it is less probable than oil-based ones for the hinges and locking mechanisms over time. You may apply a small amount to a cloth and wipe it along the tracks and around seals for extra lubrication.

Finally, door handles and window should be cleaned with a mild detergent. You may do it while wiping down frames but do not use abrasive cleaners and solvents.


  • Use a mild soap and water to clean letter plates and handles
  • Use silicone lubricant for locking mechanisms and ‘grease’ hinges


  • Use heavy oil to lubricate locks and windows though it might gum them up.

The positive thing is that you do not have to do any of these things often and three or four months is enough. By cleaning and maintain energy-efficient uPVC double glazed doors and windows, they will last for a long time and save you money.

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How You Should Maintain UPVC Windows Of Your Property

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