8 Web Development Trends in 2021 that You Cannot Live Without

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We all have had speculated what would Website Design and Development Trends in 2021; since 2021 is officially here, now let’s talk about what all is getting ranked in the present and future of web development:

1. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

PWAs run on one codebase and can operate offline too, offering a great advantage to the producers, and is widely regarded as the most sought-after web development technologies in today’s times.

Plenty of Fortune 500 companies have already noticed a spike in their traffic when they compared their traditional website and PWA website.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Well, AI has been a key factor in deciding the future of web development for so long, and it also happens to be the hottest web development technology as of now.

AI helps in creating web apps that are more personalized, smart, and responsive at the same time; while sorting through a myriad of user data such as top website pages, likings, past purchases, etc.

E.g., A chatbot featuring Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the offering of AI that has helped many people to get responses to their queries without human intervention; and has also stopped people from misdiagnosing themselves with terminal illnesses for minor flu symptoms on medical websites.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices are interconnected in nature and share knowledge and information via local cloud servers, making them exceptionally smart, secure, and useful.

As per estimates, there will be at least 60 billion IoT devices in 2025. When merged with AI, IoT helps a lot with chatbots integration, virtual assistants, ergonomic user interface, personalized results, etc.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Plenty of Indian websites development companies have understood the need for making a website comply with the human voice search phrases. Studies have also suggested that almost 1/3rd of daily searches on Google are done via voice search, eliminating the need for endless typing or even touching an electronic device.

E.g., if your content is well-optimized for voice searches, then Siri or Alexa might rank your website on top in their SERPs.

5. Single Page Web Applications & Websites

Google, Uber, Facebook, etc. have already moved to single page web apps or websites, which loads faster, doesn’t need to be reloaded again and again, and the data is collated at one page only, increasing the average time spent by the user on a single page and also helps with navigating to the required info.

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

AMP code was developed by Google and Twitter together; and rose to mainstream fame in late 2017, when several news media outlets such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, etc., made their websites strictly comply with AMP code, which happens to be a bit restrictive and light in nature.

AMPs help a website load faster, and we all know that we don’t like to wait for any website to deliver results.

7. APIs

Application Programming Interface, also known as API, has been the go-to solution for developers that enables the communication between different websites and software.

Imagine how hard your life would be if you had to draw a map on your website without Google Maps API, or were not able to use the Twitter API for a famous tweet in your blog section?

8. Motion UI

Who doesn’t love the animation on a website? They look attractive and happen to be one of the recommendations towards the list of top website development trends in 2021

That’s it for today from your favorite Web Development Company in India; stay tuned for more.

8 Web Development Trends in 2021 that You Cannot Live Without

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