Weimaraner Great Dane Mix

If you’re considering getting a weimaraner great dane mix, there are a few things to keep in mind. While they may look similar, they are actually two different breeds. They have a variety of qualities in common, including a sloppy disposition and a tendency to get bored easily. You should also consider the temperament of this hybrid. Fortunately, this combination is quite friendly and good with children, but they may exhibit shy behavior if you don’t properly socialize them.

When fully grown, the Weimaraner Great Dane mix weighs about 60 pounds, making it one of the smaller breeds of the Danes. Their eyes are either green or blue, and they’re likely to be guarded. A Weim-Pei can be very protective of its owner and needs to be around other people as well. However, if properly socialized, they get along with children and don’t have much problem with them.

Another interesting hybrid is the Great Weimar, a cross between the Great Dane and the Weimaraner. While the Great Dane is a more active and athletic breed than the Weimaraner, the Great Weimar is calm and laid-back, making it a perfect watchdog for people who love giant dogs. And while the Weimaraner is a wonderful companion, a Great Weimar is a great watchdog and is the perfect combination for an active home.

This cross is not for everyone. The Great Weimar has larger, more powerful legs than the Weimaraners, but is much smaller than the Great Dane. Great Weimars are also heavier than the Weimaraners, but aren’t as heavy. They weigh anywhere from 75 to 145 pounds, and are quite active. But, like any other cross, there are disadvantages as well.

Weimaraner Great Dane Mix
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