What Are Biometrics? 5 Things to Know

What Are Biometrics

In the entire world, there isn’t a duplicate set of fingerprints.

Not even identical twins have matching fingerprints.

Biometrics are what make you unique. They can be used to identify us and prove that we are who we say we are, which is what makes them so important in so many aspects of our lives. In this blog post, we’ll outline what biometrics are and how they work.

What are biometrics exactly? Read on to find out!

What Are Biometrics?

What are biometrics? Biometrics are technologies that identify people based on their physical or behavioral traits. Biometric identifiers include fingerprints and hand geometry. There are also authentications using facial recognition, iris patterns, and the signature of one’s voice.

You can also think of biometrics as a technique, like biometric governance, for recognizing people who are not known to the system based on what they do or what they are. Instead of recognizing people based on what they know (something you have such as a code) or what they possess (such as an object).

How Does Biometrics Work?

Biometrics can be used to provide security for access control such as doors and computers by using biometric access points. How does this work exactly? You use your fingerprint or another biometric to gain access and remote door unlock.

Biometrics can also be used for surveillance-related activities. For example, verifying identity, tracking what someone is doing and looking at what they are seeing. In the case of facial recognition software, it analyzes pictures or video footage of a person’s face. A computer then matches what it sees with a database of what that person’s face should look like.

Biometric Authentication Process

Diving deeper into the biometric authentication process, let’s talk about facial recognition software. Facial recognition software has been evolving so quickly, it’s insane what computers can do today. How does facial recognition work? It’s not what you think.

Facial recognition software analyzes a face. Next, it compares it to a database of faces that have been indexed using their facial appearance. This is done by measuring various features like the distance between your eyes, nose size, eye shape, etc., then comparing them against what are called “templates.”

Each person in the system has measurements that we take when they enroll. These measurements are saved in a template and do not change over time.

This means that if someone goes to vote tomorrow and he/she had their photo taken at school identification day, then they will still be identified correctly as long as nothing dramatic has changed about their face.

Why Should I Use Biometrics?

Why should customers and business owners use biometrics?

Biometrics allows you to use your biology to prove that you are who you say you are. There is no need for memorizing passwords or identification. Biometric authentication technologies include fingerprint scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition. And unlike with an ID card, those biometric identifiers never expire or need replacement if lost.

For example, someone who has fingerprints can easily unlock their device by simply touching the screen without needing any other information such as a username or password.

Embrace the Future

What are biometrics? A convenient way to identify yourself during the security process. You don’t have to be afraid of biometrics, they make life better by making security more efficient and keeping our data safe from hackers! If you’re interested in learning about new innovations, take a moment to explore what’s happening with biometric technology for your business needs today. For more advice, read another post!

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What Are Biometrics? 5 Things to Know

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