What Is Ethical Electricity and How Does It Impact the World?

Ethical Electricity

The U.S. Energy Information Administration shares some staggering statistics. In 2018, about 65 percent of electricity came from substances bad for the environment.

Fossil fuels damage the environment in a variety of ways.

For example, they worsen or cause respiratory illnesses and heart diseases. They contribute to acid rain, which harms plants and animals. And they create foggy conditions and advance global warming.

It’s time to focus on ethical electricity for the health of the planet and its citizens.

The Convenience Curse

In developed countries, we access electricity with a flip of a switch. It has been so for generations. This has led to ignorance or apathy in the general population.

Have we ever questioned if it’s necessary to use the energy that we do? Is it possible to do more with less? Moral issues are often debated.

But it is time we started being smarter and better.

Big Changes

Of course, there are big changes we can enact to reduce our carbon footprints. Some of these can be expensive. So, they aren’t options for everyone.

But it’s worth checking if the government offers any incentives to help defray the cost of going green.

Replace Insulation

A well-insulated home will guard against external temperatures. This decreases the dependence on heating and cooling. Thus, energy consumption is reduced.

Update Appliances

Older appliances tend to be less energy efficient. Newer models specialize in using energy more efficiently.

Check ratings and opt for an A+ energy efficiency rating for best results.

Install Solar Energy

While this is a costly option, the savings are immense. Installing solar panels on your roof means obtaining energy directly from the sun. At no additional cost.

What better renewable resource than the sun?

If these options seem a bit daunting, there are simpler things to try.

Smaller Changes

Yet little changes can also have a big impact. Increasing a home’s energy efficiency will save money and lessen environmental impact.

Monitor Your Thermostat

Try amending the comfortable temperature by a few degrees. Bundle up in the winter. Wear less in summer.

Further, a smart thermostat can save lots of money. They can heat or cool only the rooms we use. This leads to a lower energy output overall.

Rethink Laundry

Washing clothes at a lower temperature also saves energy. For best results, get a detergent designed for washing at lower temps. And only wash clothes when necessary, not after every wear.

Make sure each load is full when washing. Get the most out of every load and avoid energy wastage.

Conserve Water

We take clean water for granted. There are communities where people do not have access to safe drinking water. And too often, we let ours run down the drain.

Taking showers instead of baths reduces water usage. Consider investing in a specialized shower head that reduces water flow. They can do so without compromising pressure.

Better still, limit time in the shower. And consider turning the water off while lathering up or shaving.

Remember to keep the tap off while brushing teeth or shaving. Turn it on only when needed to avoid waste.

Like laundry, only run the dishwasher when it’s full. This will save water and energy.

Switch Suppliers

Do your research and switch to an ethical electricity supplier. There are companies dedicated to providing energy with minimal environmental impact. Go with one of these.

Ethical Electricity

The term “clean energy” is difficult to define. But it’s safe to assume that energy obtained from renewable sources—like wind and solar—is clean.

Climate change is evident. Pollution leads to greenhouse gases trapping more heat in our atmosphere.

Prolonged droughts lead to uncontrolled wildfires. Tropical storms increase in strength and frequency.

A switch to ethical electricity is essential. This means choosing only renewable sources of energy. Thus, sources that do not contribute to pollution or climate change.

Check with local energy providers to learn their take on the climate crisis before deciding.

A leader in the ethical energy movement is Ecotricity.

They have a Carbon Calculator on their website. It allows you to determine what your carbon footprint is. And how to reduce it.

Their philosophy surrounds saving the environment while lowering environmental impact. But, more importantly, their practices reflect this.

Accept nothing less in your energy provider. We are all in this together.

The Time Is Now

It’s no longer a matter of debate. The time is now to switch to ethical electricity to ensure the survival of our planet.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

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What Is Ethical Electricity and How Does It Impact the World?

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