What are the Safety Precautions in a Microbiology Lab?

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology is a sensitive scientific field since you deal with microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Operating a microbiology lab is not a simple task as you have to be cautious. In this article, you will learn about all the steps you need to take and the places to check to ensure your microbiology lab is a safe working space.

Using Sterilized Equipment

You should consider using autoclaving as a way of sterilizing all the equipment in your lab, including test tubes, pipettes, loops, and plates. Alternatively, you can get industry sterilized equipment from 2mag and other renowned brands. Besides sterilizing, you should have a complete understanding of how to use different equipment and their specific functions.

Hand Washing

Regular hand washing is a necessity and a precaution when working in a microbiology laboratory. Such a precaution prevents food and water contamination from the microorganisms you are working on. Besides washing your hands, you can opt for gloves to provide extra protection.


All chemicals, media, equipment, and solutions should be well-labeled. It is also essential to include clear warnings and hazardous information for anything dangerous in the room.

Disinfecting Working Spaces

It is advisable to use a disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol content to disinfect benches, tables, and other surfaces, before and after working on the microorganisms. However, you need to be cautious with such a disinfectant, too, because such high ethanol content can catch fire when exposed to an open flame. Additionally, the substance can be dangerous when splashed on your eyes or mouth.

No Food in the Lab

Eating or drinking anything is prohibited not only in the microbiology lab but in all other laboratories. Moreover, you should avoid putting your fingers in your mouth when working on microorganisms. Safety should be your first consideration when working in a microbiology lab. It would be best if you did not ignore any of the measures discussed above, however less important it may seem.

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What are the Safety Precautions in a Microbiology Lab?

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