What Are Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice?

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There are many ways to grow your dental practice, including word-of-mouth marketing, Retargeting, Email campaigns, and Office acquisition. However, these strategies all require time and commitment to see success. In addition, you can benefit from free content, such as Tony Robbins’ 7 Forces series, to help you grow your practice. To help you grow your practice, learn how to use each one to your advantage.

Word-of-mouth marketing

The best way to create positive word-of-mouth marketing for your dental practice is to get involved in your community. For example, volunteer your time and services to a local charity or get involved with a local non-profit organization to help those in need. This type of marketing will spread quickly and effectively to others. Posts on social media should be about connecting with patients, not selling. This will keep your practice at the forefront of your patients’ minds and make it easier to engage in word-of-mouth marketing from existing patients.

Word-of-mouth marketing works best when you tap into the enthusiasm of your existing patients. For example, if your practice has a Facebook page, you can incentivize existing customers to promote your business through their friends. By encouraging them to share your business page with their friends, you will build a following that will eventually lead to more referrals. You can also work with businesses with similar services to yours to create a referral system.

Email campaigns

There are a variety of benefits to email marketing, and your dental practice is no exception. For example, you can send transactional emails when a patient requests a particular service, and you can create newsletters to promote specific dental services and book more appointments. These email campaigns are easy to make and send, but they must be delivered in a way that entices your subscribers to sign up.

Use email content to educate your subscribers. You should tailor emails to your target audience, and you can personalize them with relevant information, service pages, and deals. Always remember that your emails will only drive traffic if they provide value. You can choose what content you share with your subscribers based on their interests, whether an infographic on gum disease or a social media lives event shared by another dentist.


If you want to expand your dental practice, ad retargeting is one of the most effective methods. Retargeting works by re-presenting ads to visitors who have previously visited your website. These ads are relevant to the individual needs of users and are specifically tailored to your practice. This allows you to reach out to those potential patients who are most likely to book an appointment. This technique is particularly effective for dentists as it can help your dental practice stay fresh in patients’ minds.

You can use paid social ads to target the right audience and book more appointments. For example, Facebook and Instagram allow you to target specific groups of people. For example, you can target people based on their income levels and book more appointments. Another great benefit of this tactic is adding multiple services to your ads, such as general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and emergency services. With the right approach, your practice will be higher up in search results for people who need emergency dental services and other services.

Office acquisition

The advantages of office acquisition are numerous. In addition to existing patient lists, the buyer will gain access to well-established practices. In addition, the new owner will benefit from the existing practice’s established cash flow and staff. Another benefit of office acquisition is that the seller has an established relationship with their patients. In addition, the seller’s team will stay in place for at least one year. Another benefit of office acquisition is the pre-existing cash flow and established insurance relationships.

One of the advantages of office acquisition is the opportunity to expand your dental practice. Growing your practice into a neighboring town can give your dental practice more legitimacy. Buying an existing business can also give you a more established reputation and an edge over competitors. When your practice reaches more patients, they will consider you a “practice” instead of a small business. Moreover, office acquisition can attract more patients by adding new dentists to your team. Aside from attracting new patients, office acquisition allows you to expand your practice and improve your bottom line.


One of the fastest-growing segments of technology is artificial intelligence (AI). Its capabilities are rapidly expanding and are already being applied in the dental industry, in several applications ranging from bitewing radiographs to detecting caries. You can also use AI for patient education to increase dental treatment acceptance. For established practitioners, technology may feel like a constant battle to keep up with the Joneses. However, the payoffs are significant.

One such technological innovation is texting capabilities. This relatively new feature can increase response rates and improve online reputation. This new technology can help you receive patient feedback. In addition, it can be used as a landing page for bottom-of-funnel ad campaigns. Make sure to focus on value-based content. You can use these campaigns to showcase the features and benefits of your practice’s technology.

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What Are Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice?

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