What Happens When A Law Is Broken On A Plane

What Happens When A Law Is Broken On A Plane

It is an old saying that rare things happen rarely but they do happen. The same is the case with a law being broken on a plane as any number of crimes from verbal abuse, physical assault, sexual harassment to carrying illegal items or firearms can technically occur while a plane is in the air. 

These unforeseen incidences can happen despite stringent airport security that is trained to visually scan faces, observe strange behavior and do a thorough check of a person’s belongings. Here is what happens when a law is broken on a plane and the airplane personnel has to take charge of the situation. 

Prevention Is The Goal

Airline personnel whether they are on the ground during boarding or aboard the plane while flying are fully trained by each airline to prevent problematic occurrences. A passenger may not even notice but the air hostesses are usually observing all the people present in the plane for early signs of violent or lewd behavior. The airplane staff both male and female are also trained and professionally prepared to handle any complaints of unacceptable behavior that may be received from the passengers. 

A Containment & Diffusing Protocol 

If a passenger/s is showing undesirable behavior the airplane staff will move to contain the situation and in some cases remove the passenger from their seat and restrain them elsewhere on the plane. According to the Tokyo Convention governing aviation crime, when the plane is in the air, the staff including the air marshal who is on most flights can take any measures they deem fit for the safety of all the passengers. 

Several non-working airline crew is typically present on a commercial flight who are trained to respond quickly and get troublesome and harmful passengers under control before they can cause harm to anyone else or themselves. Consult an Orlando criminal defense attorney to know your rights on domestic flights and international flights and how to deal with a specific criminal assault. 


If the event whether it was violent behavior, sexual harassment, or possession of firearms escalates and the passenger does not calm down and submit to the regulations put forth by the air marshal and the rest of the airline crew, the crew will not only physically restrain him but will also contact law enforcement on the ground. 

The law enforcement will belong to the area where the plane is due to land although in extreme circumstances the pilot may decide to change his landing destination to one that comes earlier. Suffice it to say, incidents such as this are very inconvenient for the pilot, the plane’s schedule, and also the rest of the passengers. 

Minor Issues

In many cases, the pilot may choose to forgive or let go of certain incidents without pressing charges on the ground especially if no real harm has been caused to anyone. Some planes do not allow passengers to bring their own edibles on a plane but that is an example of a very minor issue that will not prompt much action from the crew members. 

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What Happens When A Law Is Broken On A Plane

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