What is a Redbone?

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What is a redbone? A redbone is a light-skinned, black woman with a red undertone. The term was popularized first by Lil Wayne, a rapper. However, it is now more often associated with Childish Gambino, an Atlanta-based rapper. While the term is still mostly used to describe women with red hair and skin, the word redbone is more inclusive than you might think. Continue reading to learn more about a redbone and how it differs form a yellowbone.

The word “redbone” is derived from the French word meaning “solid, dark”. In fact, this is one of the most popular and widely-used words for the United States breed of coonhound. This word can also be used to describe a male and female with dreadlocks. Redbones have long, thick red hair. Redbones are more thick than their female counterparts and are therefore known as “redheads.”

What is a Redbone?
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