What Is The Masked Singer?

Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is one of the most popular shows on US television today, seeming to gain more and more popularity with each new season. While the average viewership remains fairly steady, talk of the show increases as more and more people give in to their curiosity and take a peek at the show to see what it’s all about. So what is it that makes The Masked Singer such an enigma among all the other shows Americans have to choose from when deciding what to watch?

The Costumes

One of the biggest things that sets The Masked Singer apart from other shows is the elaborate costumes the masked singers wear. While the name implies that the singers are merely masked, the show takes it a step further by putting the contestants into full costumes, making them completely unrecognizable by their appearance alone. These costumes are chosen and designed with the input of the contestants, so they have a say in what character they play on the show. Beyond just the physical costumes, the voices of the singers are also disguised so as to be indistinguishable while the contestant is speaking. When they are singing, however, the voices of the singers are completely true and original.

The Judges and Host

Another thing that draws viewers to the show is the entertaining host and judges of the show. Nick Cannon interacts with the singers and talks with them, while the judges Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg are able to ask them questions and take turns guessing who the person under the mask might be.

The Mystery

Possibly the biggest entertainment factor is the mystery behind it all. Viewers are just as in the dark as the judges are as to who the contestants are. Clues are given throughout the show in each episode, but the singers are careful enough to give clues that typically hint towards who they are without giving it away. Viewers enjoy gathering information with each new episode as they try to piece together who each character might be.

While not everyone has taken the time to watch The Masked Singer, most everyone has at least heard of it. Some people who know the concept of the show simply stay away from it as they know how addictive the show would become to them. Those who satisfy their curiosity typically can’t peel themselves away, and that keeps them coming back to see more week after week, season after season.

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What Is The Masked Singer?

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