5 Morning Drinks To Enjoy

Morning Drinks

Alcoholic beverages are usually consumed in the evening while socializing but may also be enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon during brunch and other activities. Here are five drinks that are particularly enjoyable in the morning.

1. Mimosa

A mimosa is usually made from champagne or sparkling wine mixed with orange juice, but other juices may be used to achieve different flavors. Mimosas are popular lunch drinks and are served chilled in a champagne flute. The ratio of champagne to juice varies depending on the establishment where you order the mimosa. The different varieties of this drink include:

  • Poinsettia, which is made with champagne and cranberry juice, sometimes with vodka or Cointreau added
  • Lemosa, which is made with champagne, lemonade, and blueberry syrup
  • Megmosa, which consists of champagne and grapefruit juice
  • Manmosa, which uses beer as an ingredient instead of or in addition to champagne

While the standard champagne and orange juice beverage is a classic, one of the variations can be fun to try if you are looking for something different.

2. Bloody Mary

The bloody mary traditionally consists of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and various herbs and spices. Most brunch venues add garnishes like celery, lime, and olives, with some establishments adding proteins such as bacon and shrimp to make this drink almost a meal in itself. The bloody mary is sometimes regarded as a hangover cure due to the nutritional value of tomato juice and the sodium in the drink, which promotes water consumption. Some variations of this popular drink include:

  • The bloody maria, which is nearly the same drink as the bloody mary but uses tequila or mezcal instead of vodka as the source of alcohol, and sometimes contains garnishes such as roasted corn or hot peppers
  • The bloody caesar, which incorporates clam juice into the standard bloody mary ingredients
  • The michelada, which uses beer instead of vodka and can be served without tomato juice, only the seasonings, spices, and lime
  • The green mary, which uses green tomatillo tomato juice as the base of the drink rather than standard red tomato juice
  • The shrimp cocktail mary, which includes clam juice and the traditional seafood seasoning Old Bay and is garnished with one or more pieces of shrimp

If you are dining out for breakfast or brunch, see if the venue serves its own unique take on the traditional bloody mary.

3. Morning Mule

The morning mule is a take on the traditional Moscow mule, which consists of vodka, ginger beer, and garnished with lime. The morning mule swaps out the lime for a garnish of orange and adds orange juice as an ingredient. Like its primary version, morning mules are served in a distinctive copper mug. The morning mule is one of many Moscow mule variations, including the Portuguese mule, Irish mule, French mule, and Mississippi mule.

4. Bellini

A bellini is a drink that is very similar to the mimosa and contains pureed peach rather than orange juice. Unlike the mimosa, prosecco is the standard alcohol used in the bellini, although champagne or sparkling wine may also be used. Sometimes cherry, pomegranate, or other red-colored juices are added in small quantities to give the drink a reddish-orange glow, perfect for a morning or early afternoon beverage.

5. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a good drink if you are looking for a caffeine kick, as this beverage includes hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar. These drinks are traditionally served in an Irish coffee mug, which is a glass mug with a handle.

If you are looking to imbibe in the morning, consider one of these five drinks.

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5 Morning Drinks To Enjoy

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