What To Sell When You Need Fast Cash

Need Fast Cash

If you find yourself in an occasional cash crunch, you’re not alone. Regardless of how the economy is doing, lots of people run short on funds from time to time. Here are three things you can sell quickly when you need to line your pockets with some extra green.

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Unless your jewelry has sentimental value, letting go of any gold, silver, or gemstones you own can be a great source of cash. Many buyers will pay top dollar for quality jewelry items, so take advantage of this opportunity to cash in. If you’re looking to sell your diamonds or precious metals, many experts suggest that you start by visiting local shops. You’ll get your money more quickly than if you had to send it to a buyer located elsewhere, and you’ll avoid the hassles of shipping and trying to get your item returned to you if you’re not happy with the offer you receive.

Cell Phones

If you’re one of those folks who always has to have the latest and greatest cell phone, you’ve probably got several older models piled up in a drawer collecting dust. Even if you purchase less frequently, chances are when you bought your newest phone you just switched off your old one and forgot about it. It turns out that older cell phones have value on the resale market; just make sure your device is unlocked, wipe your memory, then look for a buyer. Online auction sites can be a great place to advertise your used devices, as they’ll often earn you top dollar for something you no longer use.

Gift Cards

Although restaurant and grocery gift cards might come in handy when money is tight, there are probably a few cards in your wallet that would be much more useful to you if they were converted to cold, hard cash. Although rare, some retailers will let you return unused cards for cash, providing you have the original purchase receipt. Because that’s not always easy to lay your hands on, most people have better luck selling through websites dedicated to gift card resales. Just keep in mind that the amount you’ll get for your card will vary depending on its desirability.

It’s relatively easy to find a market for almost anything you’re willing to part with. So the next time you’re short on cash, consider selling off a few things to make ends meet. You can also contact some toner buyer online if you have empty ink cartridges that you want to sell.

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What To Sell When You Need Fast Cash

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