What to Wear on a Breakfast Date

Breakfast Date

Ah, the coffee shop! The home of countless meet-cutes and cozy fanfiction alternate universes. A hub of morning activity where creators and business people alike gather in search of a morning cup of joe. Now, this morning staple is the site of your next date, and you have no idea what to wear.

You turn to the internet for answers, but most dating guides advise you how to dress and prepare for a night out, not a breakfast date. No worries! If you need help avoiding a fashion disaster on your next morning date, we’ve got some excellent pointers for you!

Don’t Roll Up In Last Night’s Hair

This should be a given for any dating situation, but let us state it for the record. You should never roll up to your breakfast date in last night’s hair. For ladies, a messy bun or tousled ponytail that shows you’re a gal on the go is acceptable. Outright bedhead? Not so much.

For men, we don’t advise showing up without at least washing and combing your hair. Yes, that includes facial hair. We’re not saying you have to become salon customers before most places even open. Rather, that you need to have your hair looking clean and somewhat deliberately styled.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Ladies, there’s much to be said for putting on an obvious (and obviously gorgeous) face of makeup. However, the brunch date is not the place for drama and flair. You’ll want to opt for a softer, more natural look if you wear makeup at all.

Gentlemen, as mentioned above, trimming your facial hair is a great idea before your date. Whether you opt for a particular style or an overall trim, cleaning up the rough edges will make you look and feel better. You should also take a moment to wash your face before you leave home. Greasy is not the best look for anyone.

Hygiene Check

Let’s get real for a moment: No one wants to smell your BO. No matter your gender presentation, please, for the love of all that is holy, shower with soap and use deodorant before you head out the door. Your date (and everyone else) will appreciate it.

Classy and Chic Should Be the Goal

No matter your gender presentation, if you need breakfast outfit ideas, classy and chic should be the aim. There’s a time and place for your clubbing outfits, and the coffee shop isn’t it.

For men, you don’t necessarily need to be in ‘job interview’ clothes. However, you shouldn’t arrive in a dirty, worn-out pair of jeans and a stained T-shirt. If you wear jeans, make sure they’re a solid, not-frayed pair that’s been well-maintained. Polos, button-up shirts, and pullover jackets are acceptable. Your old sports hoodie might not be the best call.

For women, you’ll want to find something casual and fun while still professional-looking. Especially if you’re reporting to work later. Potential combinations can include:

  • A pair of dark, high-waisted jeans and a statement shirt
  • A cropped sweater and high-waisted midi skirt
  • A pleated skirt and a short-sleeved blouse
  • An old classic: black pants from vibeclothingcompany.com and a casual blouse

This will establish to your date that you care about your appearance, but that you’re not trying too hard. The last thing any potential partner wants is someone who tries too hard to win approval.

Dress for Confidence and Comfort

The above rules are guidelines you can follow. However, if you want to impress your date, you should dress for confidence and comfort. If you don’t usually wear skirts or dresses, don’t feel pressured to throw on something flouncy for the sake of appeasing societal standards. If you don’t wear heels or sandals, don’t wear shoes you can’t walk in, or don’t feel comfortable wearing to your breakfast meeting.

For men, while you should try to clean up as much as possible, don’t feel like you need to wear a tie or a fancy watch. You also shouldn’t feel pressured to hide all aspects of yourself from your date. If you really want to wear your anime branded T-shirt to your coffee date, go for it. Just make sure it’s clean first.

Wear Seasonally Appropriate Attire

This ought to go without saying, but make sure you wear seasonally appropriate attire. This doesn’t mean you have to track the current seasonal trends. Rather, it’s a practical consideration.

Many coffee shops or breakfast cafes, especially now, have outdoor seating which can leave you exposed to the elements.

So, if it’s Fall or Winter, it might not be the best time for shorts or super flouncy skirts. If it’s Spring or Summer, you’ll want to dress to beat the heat. Nothing can turn your date off faster than seeing massive pit stains. (Or worse, smelling the pits from deodorant that gave up the ghost. Yikes!)

Express Your Best Self

Ultimately, you’re going on this breakfast date in hopes of meeting a long-term significant other. Dressing to impress is all well and good. However, if you’re putting on a front the whole time, it could set you up for failure in the long run.

Therefore, when deciding between breakfast outfit ideas, you should dress both to impress and express. Wear your favorite colors and statement pieces. Style your hair how you usually want to. Find textures and clothing styles that appeal to you, personally, and wear them with confidence and pride. If you do that, you’ll have your date seeing stars and feeling sparks in no time at all.

Need More Tips for a Breakfast Date?

Finding what to wear and figuring out how to prepare for a breakfast date can be tough. However, so long as you clean yourself up before you go, dress in casual but professional-looking clothes that appeal to your tastes, and bring your confidence with you, you’ll have a fashion faux-pas-free date.

If you found these fashion tips helpful and would like to read more articles like this one, check out our blog daily for more.

What to Wear on a Breakfast Date

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