5 Teeth Whitening Tips for a Bright Smile

Teeth Whitening Tips

More than half of the population is dissatisfied with their tooth color. Chances are you have a stain or two on your teeth, or you find yourself wishing for a brighter smile.

Luckily, it’s very easy to get white teeth! Implementing a few teeth whitening tips can provide you with a greater sense of confidence and a more attractive smile!

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top tips for cleaning up stained teeth. So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to make your teeth white, read on!

1.  Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to how to whiten your teeth, the best way to solve the problem is by a trusted dentist like Today’s Dental. The professional teeth whitening process is quick, simple, and painless.

Going to a dentist rather than using a home whitening kit ensures a custom-fitted tray that fits your mouth perfectly.

Your dentist will open the pores in your teeth and apply a gel that cleans them out, removing the stains inside. Your teeth will remineralize and the pores will close on their own.

2. Maintain Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is not just how to get white teeth, but also how to maintain white teeth so you don’t have to whiten your teeth all the time.

Keep a bright smile by using whitening toothpaste. Use mouthwash every day to kill bacteria that can cause tooth decay and discoloration. Flossing is a great way to get at the bacteria in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Make sure to also brush your tongue! Bacteria treats your tongue as a breeding ground, so make sure to brush it every day to eliminate bacteria.

Remember that getting and keeping a white smile is all about being patient and disciplined with your oral hygiene.

3. Whiten Your Teeth Overnight

If you apply whitening products at home, try to apply them before you go to bed. Whitening products open the pores in your teeth to clean them out, which actually makes them more susceptible to restaining!

Prevent restaining after whitening by going to bed immediately after. This gives your teeth time to rehydrate and remineralize before you eat again in the morning.

4. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

When you go in to get your teeth cleaned, your dentist scrapes the tartar off your teeth. Tartar gives your teeth a yellow tint, so cleaning it off gives your teeth a brighter look.

Even if you never forget to brush your teeth, your toothbrush isn’t always perfect. Sometimes you might miss a spot.

Your dentist will be able to clean all those hard-to-reach areas, making sure that your smile stays bright and preventing any tooth issues down the line.

5. Avoid Stains

One way to keep your teeth white is to avoid drinks and foods that will stain them. A good rule of thumb is, if it would stain your t-shirt, it’ll stain your teeth!

Coffee, tea, red wine, and grape juice are the most common culprits of stained teeth. If you can’t avoid them completely, try drinking them with a straw or brushing your teeth immediately after consumption! Need a recommendation? You can book an appointment now to polish your teeth with the family dentist in Ballwin.

Try These Teeth Whitening Tips Yourself!

Hopefully, now you have a better sense of how to get and keep a white smile. It all boils down to a bit of maintenance and a great dentist! These teeth whitening tips will have you feeling confident, and flashing your smile more often!

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5 Teeth Whitening Tips for a Bright Smile

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