What You Need To Include on Your Next Business Card

Business Card

With so many customizable options, business cards can be a fun way to refresh the branding and information of your company. Here are some of the things you need to include when you’re ordering. Your customers will appreciate the clarity of the info and the unique spin you add to your cards.


Your logo should be the largest, most recognizable piece of design on your cards. This allows your customers to quickly know which business card they are holding. Having it professionally designed is a fantastic idea to ensure you are getting the most impact from this small but mighty mark. Finishing touches during printing, such as die cutting Blue Springs MO or gold foil can make it stand out even more.

Business Name

After the logo, the most important piece of writing on the card is your business name. Use a larger font for this detail to make sure it stands out above every other piece of text written on the card.

Brand Colors

Your customizable business cards can pack a powerful punch. To give your customers a well-thought-out and cohesive experience, your card colors should match the branding colors used on your website and throughout your other stationery or product design elements.


If your company has a tagline, it can be added to your card just below the company name.

Name and Job Title

When you’re passing out cards at a networking event, you want to know people will remember who they met. This means you need to include your name and your job title at the company. If you’re the owner of a small business, write that title under your name.

Contact Information

Add any relevant contact information, which may include email, phone number, website and social media handles.

Take your time to create an amazing business card that stands the test of time for your business while providing your customers with the knowledge they need.

What You Need To Include on Your Next Business Card

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