Which Airlines Fly Direct To Bulgaria?


Bulgaria has become one of the top destinations for tourists. With its outstanding nature and vibrant urban life, it is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. However, as it is very far from other very popular and interesting places in Europe, more people believe it is one of the biggest challenges to reach the airport in Sofia. This article will show you some of the airlines which make flying to Bulgaria so easy with their direct flights!

1. Bulgaria Air

Just as expected, Bulgaria Air is one of the top choices for tourists. The company offers direct flights from mostly every spot in Europe to Sofia and Varna. It is surely not the budget option, but the service is great and delayed flights are rarely a case to worry about. They give you a fair price for your luggage and the flights are very comfortable.

2. ITA Airways

Italians are not only good with food but they provide excellent services to travelers all over the world. Their planes are big and comfy, so you have more space to move on your seat. They are the choice for many foreigners when flying to Bulgaria because their flights usually go with no delay and their check-in on spots seems to be unproblematic and fast every time.

3. Air France

The French are good with most services provided on the territory of their country, but flights seem to be their specialty really! Although a bit pricey, their flights are always on point and the experience you gain as a passenger is marvelous. What we observe as tourists on board is outstanding attitude from the crew, comfortable seats, and good snacks. The flights are usually just a pleasurable moment to enjoy from Europe to Bulgaria!

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways are on our top list for sure! Their service is truly outstanding! Their board offers a seat for almost every budget for a direct flight. If you want a low-price ticket, just grab a backpack, and get a seat. Otherwise, you can book a regular ticket. Their business class board is fantastic. They can make you feel like a star for an hour or two without worrying about a single thing! What is even more important is that they can offer flights from Europe and many other countries in Asia, and Africa, as their central offices are actually based in Dubai!

Bulgaria is in our top 5 tourist destinations and many companies are taking care of you having quick and easy access to this little heaven in Eastern Europe, no matter where you come from!

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Which Airlines Fly Direct To Bulgaria?

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