Which Brands Offer The Most Inclusive Fashion For All?

Which Brands Offer The Most Inclusive Fashion For All

Amelia Braun, from Lincoln, Nebraska, believes that high fashion should be accessible to all women. Yet, as a tall size 22, she knows only too well the difficulties many American and indeed, international women face when it comes to finding clothes that make them feel great.

Says Amelia of her struggles: “I’d find jeans in the right size but soon find out they looked like capris on my long legs. Likewise, tall retailers offered tops that had sleeves which would run all the way to my hands, but their biggest size would be too small for me. My tall, plus size friends and I had been chatting for a while and putting recommendations for ourselves together, and we found this super useful, so I thought why not publicize this to everyone and help make it easier for women like us to shop for clothes that fit, without sacrificing style?” 

So, Tall Plus Life was conceived and launched by Amelia earlier this month. The website aims to be a go-to for fashion and lifestyle advice targeting women who are, in Amelia’s words, “lucky enough to be both tall and plus size!”

So, which brands offer the most inclusive fashion for everyone? Here, Amelia runs us through some of her favorite brands that prioritize inclusion right now. These are brands that pass her litmus test, that is to say, they offer both long/tall and extended sizes in almost all their products:

Old Navy

Probably the most recognizable name on the list, Old Navy has always been a bastion for larger and taller women, and their tall and plus ranges get a lot of love from the community. On jeans and pants their inseams will often go up to 36 inches, enough to fit most very long legs, and while they may not be truly high fashion, for the affordable prices and for just how accessible their in-store shops are, you can’t complain!

Athleta From GAP

If I’m looking for activewear or pants, I’ll usually start my search here. They offer really long inseams (often up to 35 inches) on their jeans and leggings, and their sizings generally go into the high twenties. This is an example of a mainstream brand doing good things for inclusion with regards to stylish options.

Universal Standard

As their name implies, Universal Standard offers sizings to fit literally everyone. Their sizes run all the way up to 40, yes, 40!

Simply Tall

For the longest time, we had to accept that tall manufacturers didn’t want to offer plus sizes. Thankfully, times are changing, and brands such as Simply Tall now cater to sizes going up to the high twenties.

Long Tall Sally (UK)

Brits can rejoice because this UK-based brand not only offers tall sizes but plus sizes up to a UK 30. 

Courtney Noelle (Boutique)

Courtney’s boutique style and knack for making dresses that pop see her dressing plus size women for the red carpet on the regular. All her fits are made to order, and she caters to long lengths too. She is a self-taught seamstress and an inspiring woman!

So, what can we expect from Tall Plus Life in the coming months/years? Says Amelia, “The brands I’ve run through here are just some of the hundreds, yes, hundreds, myself and our writers are compiling. We’re going to provide a variety of options for budget and high fashion and provide our readers with more than just links, we’re actively going to confirm sizings are inclusive and reviews are good before recommending brands. And of course, we’ll throw a little personal style in there too!”

But that’s not all. The founder is not going to be afraid to be outspoken and call out a lack of inclusive sizing where she sees them, something becoming increasingly common for plus size women to do on social media these days. “We’re not going to sit idly by if we find a brand is not doing as much as they could either. We’re on a mission, and we’re going to execute our plan if brands like it or not!”

Which Brands Offer The Most Inclusive Fashion For All?

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