20 Types Of Modern White Office Furniture Pieces To Brighten Your WFH Space


Working from home is no longer a trend. It has evolved to become a necessity. With more millennials opting for this mode of work, the number of people working from home has increased drastically over the past few years. Want to brighten up your white-collar space? We have got you covered! Check out these 20 types of modern white office furniture pieces that are just what you need for your WFH setup.

Why Should One buy Modern White Office Furniture?

Ensures a proper work-life balance: Working from home is not all fun and games. It is essential for you to maintain a work-life balance, which means that you spend some hours at your workplace and the rest of the time with family and friends. A well-furnished white office ensures you do not overwork yourself. In fact, having proper space in your working area helps boost your productivity levels by decreasing stress levels.

Having a separate working space for yourself would help you get accustomed to an organized WFH life. There are times when our homes tend to look like bedlam because there is no clear demarcation between one’s personal and professional lives in terms of arranging things/ furniture/ accessories etc.

Increase in concentration levels: It is natural for your mind to wander. You can easily get distracted from work if you have not been assigned a particular working area, which requires your full attention only. A well-designed space would help you focus on the job at hand and eventually increase your overall productivity levels. With a dedicated workplace at home, it becomes easier for you to change your mood as per the demands of the task or project that’s at hand.

With bright white office space at home, it becomes easier for you to switch from one task to another with ease without getting too overwhelmed by different aspects of each project/ assignment/ discussion, etc.

Creates an inviting environment: Working from home sounds great but there are times when the home environment becomes too inviting which makes it difficult to concentrate on work. Sometimes, you may find yourself in the kitchen by 10 am or taking a nap at 1 pm because your mind is tired of working and there is no one around to remind you about your responsibilities!

The white decor of your workplace would help create an inviting yet focused working space that ensures minimal distractions from the outside world. In addition, if you have selected light-colored furniture pieces as part of your WFH setup, then this place would quickly become a comfortable space for entertaining guests as well.

Fosters creativity: A clean and clutter-free workspace helps foster innovation and creative thinking that eventually leads to increased productivity levels. Working from a peaceful environment with a bright and white space would help you express yourself more freely without feeling too overwhelmed by the overall outlook of your office.


20 Types Of Modern White Office Furniture Pieces

Now, we will list down 20 types of modern white official furniture that will provide you with the above benefits. You can find some of them at the Furniture outlet in Orlando.

1) Modern Office Desk

Add some style and glamour to your workstation with the high-gloss finish on this computer desk. The strong metal leg frame adds stability, while the drawer offers storage space for all those little essentials!

2) Desk Shelf Unit

A shelf unit is always an excellent choice if you are looking to store books, files, documents, and magazines. This particular shelf will perfectly match your modern office desk with its white finish.

3) Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home office is your chair. Make sure yours is sturdy so that you can work long hours without feeling uncomfortable. The breathable mesh material makes it extremely comfortable too!

4) Corner Desk With Hutch And Cabinets

This corner computer desk offers ample storage space for anything from stationery to books! You can even keep your laptop on it if you do not have a designated workspace for it yet. Let this hutch give you the extra push to further decorate your WFH space with cute little trinkets.

5) White Board And Corkboard Combo

Enhance your work desk with this whiteboard and corkboard combo. Your handwritten notes, reminders for deadlines, and important meetings can now be visually more appealing! This will help you to keep track of everything that needs to get done.

6) Desk Lamp With USB Ports

This simple LED desk lamp is an absolute necessity if you like to work in the dark (which is common for many working professionals). Not only will it brighten up your WFH space, but it also features 2 USB ports so you can plug in your laptop or smartphone without having to use another PowerPoint.

7) Ball Chair For Different Posture Sitting Position

Balls chairs are great as they allow different sitting positions. It also helps you to exert more energy while sitting, keeping your active lifestyle alive even when you are in the office. For maximal comfort, make sure that it is fitted with a headrest too!

8) Standing Desk

If you feel that sitting all day is wreaking havoc on your health, then a standing desk might be the way to go. This will ensure that you do not have to sit at one place for long hours and yet get work done efficiently.

9) Folding Chair And Table Set

Do not fret over how small or large your living room is because this folding chair and table set can solve all your woes! It can fit in even the smallest spaces so it is perfect if you are working from home temporarily before moving into something bigger. The 2 shelves provide extra storage space too!

10) Office Desk With Drawers

Another must-have furniture piece for any office room is an elegant computer desk. The dark solid wood legs and 2 compartments give it a very regal look, while the drawer offers you additional storage space.


11) Wooden Side Table With Shelves

Here is yet another table that can help enhance your WFH setup! It has a rather unique design with a lower shelf for storage and a higher one to place items such as potted plants or pictures frames. The white color will make it fit in perfectly with the rest of your furniture.

12) Folding Chair In Several Colours

Instead of opting for an ordinary folding chair, why not choose one that comes in trendy colors? Its ergonomic design ensures that it is extremely comfortable too. This particular piece has been given several positive reviews from Amazon customers who have bought it for their WFH needs.

13) White Desk With Shelves And Drawers

White desks are certainly not a rare find, but this particular one is rather unique as it features 2 compartments that can be used to keep your stationary or laptop in! The 2 shelves give you more storage space if you need it.

14) Black Mesh Office Chair

This black mesh office chair with adjustable height will help both children and adults to feel comfy at their work desks. The sleek design makes it suitable for modern homes too! It also comes with casters so you do not have to worry about getting up from your seat often.

15) Contemporary Computer Table

Upcycling is a trend nowadays as many people are discovering the joy of bringing old stuff back to life! This computer table can be transformed into a dining table if you need it to, achieving a multi-purpose design that will save you space. It is sleek and stylish so you do not have to worry about it clashing with the rest of your furniture.

16) White Bookcase With Shelves And Drawers

A simple yet elegant white bookcase may look too plain for some, but this particular one can prove otherwise! The 2 shelves on top provide enough storage space for picture frames or boxes of stationery while the drawer below provides additional storage options.

17) Curved Glass Office Table

Forget about those sharp-looking black glass office tables as this curved glass office table is much more interesting! It comes with a shelf and 2 drawers for you to store your stationery and other related items. Not only that, its sleek design will make your home look like a bad fit for a CEO!

18) Modern Light Gray Desk

If the white color of your office desk has started to appear too dull, then we suggest opting for a light gray one instead. This lower compartment allows you to place files or stationery within easy reach so it is perfect if you need everything within arms to reach.

19) Wooden Computer Table With Drawers

Last but not least, here’s another simple yet elegant computer table that’s worth checking out! The bottom drawer can be used to store your streaming device or computer mouse while the cubby holes above are perfect for storing your books and other stationery. This one is available in both white and grey colors.

20) White Corner Computer Table

If you’re finding it hard to squeeze in an office desk in your room due to space limitations, then why not opt for this corner computer table instead? It will fit comfortably into any corner of your room when not in use but can quickly be pulled out when required. The open shelf allows you to store items within easy reach too!


Things To Consider Before Buying Modern White Office Furniture:

There are many options for office furniture these days but keep some of the following considerations in mind before buying one.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

If you’re considering getting a computer table for your new WFH set up, then you might want to consider getting one with drawers as this will give you additional storage space that can be used to store items that are not needed often.

Is It Sturdy Enough?

Some white office furniture pieces look quite cheap so make sure it is strong and sturdy enough before buying!

Does It Come With Caster Wheels?

Casters can help reduce strain on your back too so they are definitely worth considering if you have problems standing up after long hours at work.

Will It Suit Your Home Decor?

Office furniture pieces in a white color scheme will work well in most homes but if you have a room with dark or too many busy patterns, then opt for something simple instead so that the office furniture piece doesn’t crash.


So there you have it, 20 types of modern white office furniture pieces to brighten up your WFH space! While not all of these are readily available in Singapore, do consider checking out shops such as Ikea or The Living for inspiration. You can even opt for a multi-purpose white desk that has storage compartments if you want something unique yet functional in your room.

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20 Types Of Modern White Office Furniture Pieces To Brighten Your WFH Space

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