Who is the Best Texans QB in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Which quarterback is the best in the 2015 NFL Draft. Although it is difficult to determine which quarterback is the best, we have provided some insight into the position. We will also consider the team’s overall roster and potential quarterback situation to determine which player has the best chance of making the Texans playoffs. In the end, a quarterback is the most important player on any team. The Texans are expected to be a top-tier team this season, and a good quarterback is going to make a team competitive.

The Texans’ starting quarterback situation is not rosy. Ryan Mallett is a fifth-year veteran and is currently under contract until 2017. Backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is signed for one more year, is expected to be the starter. The Texans couldn’t find a starting quarterback in the time required to play in the playoffs. However, Ryan Mallett, a third-stringer was able to provide a viable option.

The Texans are looking for a franchise quarterback. They signed Thad Lewis as insurance last year but he saw no action. No matter who the Texans pick in free agency or the NFL Draft, they will need a franchise quarterback for 2015. This is crucial for the Texans’ future. There are many reasons why it is so important. If Keenum isn’t playing well this season, they are in danger of falling into the playoffs.

Hoyer’s fumble cost them a game in Week 1 NFL playoffs. The Texans had to start Weeden after Brian Hoyer was concussed. This meant that Weeden’s first start as a starter was in doubt. After all, the team was hoping for a better QB in 2016, and Hoyer will give them that chance.

The Texans have not drafted the best quarterback in the NFL Draft in 2015. They signed Kevin Hogan, a veteran quarterback. He played at Stanford under offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. The Titans waived him after the 2022 draft. He was a fifth round pick in the 2015 draft. He has played for the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, and Cincinnati Bengals. He was a member of the Texans practice team from 2021 and has a history playing quarterback.

As a rookie, Carr struggled in his first two seasons with the Texans. He had an underwhelming rookie season, but was able to lead the team to its first playoff win. He didn’t live up to his No. He did not live up to his No. 1 overall status, but worked hard for the franchise. While he never lived up to his status, he did win the franchise’s inaugural game against the Cowboys. Carr actually spent five seasons in Houston, winning three Super Bowls during those three seasons.

The Texans had a number of interesting quarterback options this offseason. They also signed Brian Hoyer as backup quarterback to take over when Alex Mack was injured. However, Hoyer was a disaster in that time and will need to be able to win in the big game. If the offense struggles, Hoyer will be a viable backup. There are many good options, but none are guaranteed.

Who is the Best Texans QB in the 2015 NFL Draft?
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