Why Address Verification Is Important for Your Business


Customers are often cautious about sharing their information with companies. They fear they’ll be met with a barrage of unwanted emails, unsolicited phone calls, and throw away junk mail — and these fears aren’t necessarily unfounded. Indeed, there are plenty of companies that use and abuse the privileged information that their customers share with them, leading to a sense of distrust on the part of consumers. You might find, though, that customers are entirely willing to share their information if they trust that it will be used appropriately — and perhaps even to their benefit. If you can you customer data to improve the services and products you provide, customers will likely share data without reservation. That’s what makes tools like a phone validation service so valuable. With the right customer data in hand, you can prove the trustworthiness of your company through effective service and communication.

Understand Your Clients Through Accurate Data

One of the best tools for understanding your clients is the data that you possess about them — where they live, what they do, and how they can be reached. Though this data is often factual rather than editorial, it can be interpreted in ways that provide valuable information about your clientele. This is especially true if you rely on information that’s related to location. You might have a database that includes all of your customers’ street addresses, but when it comes to location, this is only one piece of the puzzle. A street address is valuable, but it can be a faulty piece of data.

Geocoding data offers a far more valuable source of information. Rather than using a street address, a geocode app provides the longitude and latitude of a precise physical location, thus offering a better idea of where exactly a client is located. This can completely alter the aggregate of client data — especially if you use a tool such as the best geocoder to generate accurate data about clients.

Gain Unique Insights Into Your Customers’ Lives

The accuracy of your client information is incredibly important because it helps you better understand who they are — and when you understand that, you can understand how to offer the products and services they need. That’s why an automated data audit tool can be a great resource for ensuring the accuracy of your database and its contents. Simply knowing a customer’s street address isn’t enough, but understanding their location in proximity to other businesses can give you a crystal clear picture of your competition and your clients’ needs.

Getting these insights might be simpler than you think. You don’t need to call every single client and conduct a survey to determine their exact location or other minute details. You can invest in an automatic address verification tool that does all of the work for you. An application like this offers unique insights into your customers’ lives by providing more precise data. You can read BatchData reviews to see how businesses like yours have benefitted.

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Why Address Verification Is Important for Your Business

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