Why Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Fall Accidents

Many injuries in emergency rooms are due to slip and fall accidents. People can end up with minor bruises or severe injuries like broken bones and head trauma. While some situations are impossible to predict, most accidents are entirely preventable. Interestingly, sometimes people have to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against a corporation because they were careless. It’s easy to find a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer or anywhere else in the country.

There are several common causes of tripping and falling, and you might be surprised by some of them. But let’s find out why people might get into these accidents!

Walking on Irregular or Wet Surfaces

The most common cause of slip and fall accidents is walking on wet surfaces. It’s easy to lose control because your shoes might not get any traction depending on what kind of floor a building has. Irregular surfaces are also a problem, and that’s why human construction usually focuses on making everything straight and smooth.

Furthermore, there could be loose floorboards around the area and obstacles in their way, making falling much easier. But some people might not think of other situations, such as parking lot potholes, which could be a liability to a corporation or the city if not fixed. The same can be said about bumpy sidewalks, which each local government should repair.

Other common reasons for falling on uneven floors include torn carpets, oddly designed stairways, defective floor mats, recently waxed surfaces, etc. People are prone to accidents in residential and commercial places, and it’s up to everyone to detect these defects and avoid any legal problems.

Changing Weather 

Most people don’t think about this issue, but the weather can cause many slip and fall accidents in an emergency room. Sadly, people can’t control the temperature, and rain and snow can make floors slippery for everyone.

The city and homeowners are required by law to shovel their sidewalks and plow the streets after heavy snowy days so that it’s easier to walk around. The biggest compensation for these types of accidents has been given because some negligence was involved.

Poor Training

This is related to construction and high-risk industries, as people have to be trained to use all the tools on the job. Furthermore, they might be placed on high surfaces to complete a job, and they should be able to avoid any accidents with proper training. However, some corporations hire someone off the street and simply forego training, thinking that it’s easy and it could be a decision that costs them thousands of dollars.

Neglect in Specialized Places

Did you know that many slip and fall accidents happen at nursing homes? The main reason people are sent there is to be cared for constantly. But accidents happen when someone becomes careless with their patients. Some employees are even accused of negligence. The worst part is that these situations can lead to more severe injuries because the elderly are frailer than regular people. Sometimes, it happens because they’re understaffed.

These accidents might not seem like much, but they can lead to more serious problems. You could be searching for a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer if something happens. Always beware out there and stay focused while walking.

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Why Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

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