Why Is Salesforce Still Relevant In 2021?


2021 is the age of digitization. Almost every sector of every industry has implemented modern technology and its latest innovations. Right from consuming content on our respective mobile phones to shopping for products/services online, digitization has affected all of us in personal ways.

However, when it comes to CRM platforms, Salesforce is still one of the most popular choices for organizations across the board. the CRM platform was launched more than two decades ago and is still highly relevant in multiple industries. To date, Salesforce allows users to store, track, and analyze their customer databases to provide personalized services to their customers. The CRM platform has stood the test of time and has kept innovating itself to stay in tune with the latest technological advancements.

Here are some of the major reasons why Salesforce is still relevant in 2021:

Use Of Advanced Technologies

Technological advancements in the realm of IT often take place at a lightning speed. New technologies are launched every now and then, requiring users to adapt to the same in the best way possible. Over time, Salesforce has kept innovating itself by making use of advanced technologies from time to time.

At any point in time, the CRM platform implements tools and technologies that are highly relevant in the market. For example, it recently changed its user interface with the launch of Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Lightning was an updated version of Salesforce Classic with greater automation and a user-friendly interface. Similarly, the CRM platform introduced LWC (Lightning Web Components) as a follow-up to the Aura components for developing seamless web applications.

This way, Salesforce makes sure that its users are always provided with the latest technologies, irrespective of the times we are living in.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when AI and machine learning were considered to be niche technologies. Over time, the relevance and usage of these technologies have increased significantly to help users make sense of their databases and obtain derivative conclusions out of the same.

With Salesforce Einstein, the CRM platform introduced an AI component to help users optimize their customer database and leverage their business processes. Einstein helps users in scanning specific records and undertake a range of automated features, such as predicting customer behavior, undertaking sales forecasts, making use of business intelligence, and much more.

With Einstein, Salesforce made the CRM platform think like a human being and help users in carrying out business processes in the best way possible. As mentioned earlier, Salesforce has made sure that it stays in tune with the latest advancements made in the field of technology.

Catering To Multiple Industries

Another important reason why Salesforce is highly relevant even after more than twenty years of its initial launch is the fact that the CRM platform caters to multiple industries. Initially, the need for CRM platforms was the most for sectors like retail, marketing, and sales. However, increased digitization made other sectors join the bandwagon for utilizing CRM platforms to automate their processes.

Here are some of the major industries catered to by Salesforce apart from the conventional sectors:

  • Real Estate – Salesforce for Real Estate helps developers keep a track of multiple projects on a centralized platform. It helps real estate businesses in building and maintaining a powerful network with their clients and channel partners through a single unified platform.
  • Healthcare – If you are looking to hire Salesforce developer for your medical institution(s), they would help you in implementing a platform that allows you to create personalized journeys for all your patients, doctors, and donors. A single platform can be used for keeping a track of all processes undertaken by the organization and providing personalized assistance to all patients.
  • Education – Salesforce Education Cloud is designed to help educational institutions in obtaining a 360-degree view of the students, staff members, alumni, and all other stakeholders. A centralized platform can be used to reach out to all the stakeholders and keep a track of their own individual journeys in an automated manner.
  • NGOs – Salesforce for Nonprofit allows NGOs and other charitable organizations to manage their funds and streamline all their processes from a centralized platform. Right from dealing with donors to coordinating processes with the staff members, nonprofit organizations can leverage their activities by implementing the CRM platform.

Developing Responsive Applications

When you hire a Salesforce developer, they help you create high responsible and robust Salesforce applications. These cloud-native applications help you utilize your database to automate a number of processes and create a streamlined workflow. A Salesforce developer is often skilled in developing and deploying an industry-specific application to help you achieve your organizational objectives.

Seamless Mobile Customization

In 2021, mobile phones provide users with all the features that are available on a desktop or a laptop. Salesforce CRM comes with seamless mobile customization to provide increased flexibility to the processes undertaken by the user. It allows your team members to stay logged in and work on the go without facing any hassle. Especially now that professionals across the board are working remotely, the mobile application of Salesforce can be used to make sure that everyone is on the same page and there is utmost flexibility in your business operations.

Advanced Lead Management Tools

One of the biggest highlights of implementing Salesforce within your organization is that it provides you with automated lead management tools. Right from capturing a lead to nurturing them, these tools allow your sales reps to leverage their sales processes to drive the desired revenue home.

Moreover, these tools help you and your team in scoring the acquired leads based on their behavior. This way, you can prioritize the leads that are highly responsive and increase their chances of getting converted into loyal customers.

The Final Word

These were some of the major reasons why Salesforce is still highly relevant in 2021. If the CRM platform keeps innovating itself and stays in sync with the technological advancements, you can rest assured that it would never go out of fashion!

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Why Is Salesforce Still Relevant In 2021?

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