Top 5 Reasons Why Whirlpool Fridges are so Popular in the Indian Market

Whirlpool Fridges

Whirlpool isn’t new to the world of home appliances. Since its inception back in 1911, with its motorized washing machines (the first brand to make these), it started making waves. Right now, it stands among the few global consumer appliance companies that count. It has always marked milestones in the home appliance market, its benchmarks imitated by many other brands. With its parent company in Michigan, USA, Whirlpool has maintained an international presence in around 170 countries and holds a market share of at least 25% in home appliances around the world. In 1995, the company acquired the Indian brand Kelvinator and penetrated the Indian refrigerator market with the first Whirlpool fridge. Soon, it dished out washing machines, microwave ovens, and air conditioners. Whirlpool India owns three plants in Faridabad, Pune, and Pondicherry. The company has shown a consistent commitment to consumers, bringing advanced technology and innovation in its wake of premium fridges. 

A Household Name

With a brand as old as Whirlpool, there is no mistaking that the company has earned the reputation of reliability with its prime offering, refrigerators. If you are looking for a perfect budget-friendly and great after-sale service, you can proceed to buy a whirlpool fridge. It has always been relentless in its promotions and has always catered to its consumer base, the homemakers. Reaching the heart of housewives everywhere, it has revolved its advertising campaigns around taglines such as, “You and Whirlpool, the world’s best homemaker.” Its USP has been to target “smart and intelligent” homemakers with its equally savvy refrigerators. With unique technology making life convenient, Whirlpool has earned a unique place for itself in the Indian market, with the Indian consumer getting quality, affordability, and performance in superior fridges that last. In 2009, after mergers with several international companies over the past ten years, Whirlpool fridge was voted as “Product of the Year”. Based on the votes of 40,000 refrigerator reviews across the length and breadth of India, this award was just another feather in Whirlpool’s success cap. The Whirlpool Frost Free model with 6th sense technology was the go-to innovation that year and won a product award in 2010 as well. 

Reasons Why People Love Whirlpool

Why do people in India love Whirlpool so much? Besides the fact that their appliances have earned them a reputation of affordability, quality, and durability, Whirlpool has always given customers what it has promised and continues to do so. Here are five reasons for its success as a best-selling refrigerator brand in India.

  1. Survival and Diversification – Whirlpool India, a brand of the Whirlpool Corporation, has survived many setbacks in history. Boasting the best refrigerators in the market today, it has bought over companies like IFB and Kelvinator and survived storms such as the Great Depression of the 1930s in its native USA. The company, through constant research and innovation, has managed to survive, always producing top-notch fridges that function smoothly. It is one of the world’s best brands, offering refrigerators that keep food fresh longer than most other tried and tested brands. 
  2. Key Technologies – One of the most vital Whirlpool technological innovations has been its “Sealfresh” advancement. All modern fridges, be it the swanky French door Whirlpool fridge or the single door model, have this technology. Embedded in a smart processor inside every fridge, it helps the refrigerator to sense and adapt to the cooling in the interior. Regulating the temperature is essential to maintaining the freshness of vegetables and fruits for up to 12 days. It does this by locking the moisture inside vegetables and fruits. Milk products are kept fresh for up to a week. Fresh “Airflow” technology distributes air throughout the fridge. 
  3. Fridge Configuration Convenience – All Whirlpool fridges look stylish, and the interior is suited to keeping food fresh. Any Whirlpool refrigerator you buy has something called a “Crisper”. In models like the IF305ELT, there are two “Crisper” sections to keep vegetables and fruits crisp longer. There are also separate compartments for spices, and a medicine compartment to store medication. These modifications in fridges ring a bell with homemakers, who feel they’ve been designed for their ease of use. 
  4. Something New – Whirlpool has made it a point to bring inventive adaptability to the forefront in all its new launches. With something new in terms of features and technology, Whirlpool has managed to earn the title of “inventive brand”, and people wait to check out new models. For instance, the 3D Airflow distributes air throughout the fridge from corner to corner, and doors get an equal amount of cooling. With new and better ways of keeping food fresh, consumers are satisfied with Whirlpool delivering what’s promised. 
  5. Affordability and Efficiency – Most Whirlpool fridges have star ratings between 3 and 4 which are energy-efficient models that go easy on the electricity bills. With technology that doesn’t drain energy due to efficient cooling, Whirlpool fridges have been constant in their bid to bring economical machines, yet offering superior performance. Service standards are set high as well. These refrigerators have the reputation of housing some of the best deep freezers in the market.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Whirlpool Fridges are so Popular in the Indian Market

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