Windows to Your Health: The Benefits of Regular Eye Exams

Benefits of Regular Eye Exams

It is important to schedule appointments for your routine health evaluation. But most people ignore the importance of regular eye exams. Although a comprehensive annual exam is a must, regular exams are also important for a number of reasons. With an eye exam, you can detect a lot of health issues in a timely fashion. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some primary benefits of routine eye checkups. Read on to find out more.

Early Detection of Abnormalities

If you have your eyes examined regularly, you can detect abnormalities in a timely manner. Regular exams are more important for kids, especially those between the age of 6 and 12 months.

According to statistics, an increasing number of kids are developing myopia. Kids with myopia are more likely to face other threatening conditions like glaucoma and retinal detachment at some point in their lives.

Early detection of these problems is important if you don’t want to end up with a bigger problem down the road.  

Prevention of Vision Loss

In most people, vision loss happens because of a number of conditions. If you get regular exams, you can detect these problems and go for the right treatment plan. Some medical conditions, such as macular degeneration, may cause you to lose your vision permanently.

On the other hand, early detection of these health conditions can help you get medical attention and save your vision from deteriorating.

Early Detection of Diabetes

Most diabetic patients tend to have vision problems because of high blood sugar levels. When blood vessels in your retina initiate the leakage of fluid and blood, your retina experiences stress and appears yellow.

With regular exams, you can find out if you are diabetic, and then you can go for the best treatment plan to save your vision from failing.

Early Detection of Cancer

If you go for eye exams on a regular basis, you may also detect cancer in its early stages. Some people have ocular Melanoma, which is a rare type of eye cancer.

Regular exams can also help detect another rare type of cancer called basal cell carcinoma. And then, there is a type of cancer that affects your eyelids, which may result in an irregular shape of your pupils and eyelids.

Detecting these health issues in time can help you save your vision. So, this is another great benefit of having regular checkups.

Early Detection of Hypertension

Regular checkups can help you find out if you have high blood pressure. Some common symptoms of high blood pressure include bent or torn blood vessels in your eyes. Patients with high blood cholesterol levels may also have a yellow ring around their cornea.

This is the reason why it’s very important not to take vision checkups for granted to prevent your eye vision from becoming progressively worse and to help you monitor your cholesterol levels early on.

Early Detection of Autoimmune Disorders

If you suffer from autoimmune disorders, you may experience eye irritation. A primary symptom of an autoimmune disorder like lupus is constant eye inflammation. Besides, other thyroid problems like Graves’ disease may cause your eyeballs to protrude. So, if you detect an autoimmune disorder in time, you can be on the safe side.

Early detection of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous conditions, which may result in vision loss. The problem is that this health condition shows no symptoms in the early stages. However, if you get a routine eye exam, you can diagnose it.

However, if glaucoma is not diagnosed in the early stage, nothing can save you from permanent vision loss. So, this is another great benefit of having regular eye checkups.

Early Detection of Cataracts

Although your vision may deteriorate as you get older, it may also be a symptom of cataracts. If not diagnosed, this condition may get worse over time. As a result, it may cause you to lose your vision.

Although you can use a pair of glasses to deal with this problem, the permanent solution is to go for an eye surgery. This is a great way to save your eyesight.

In short, these are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you go for routine eye exams. Always remember that even if you wear glasses or contacts, your prescription won’t be valid for more than two years. Therefore, you may want to get routine checkups at an eye clinic in Calgary for an up-to-date prescription and to make sure your vision is not affected by any underlying medical conditions.

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Windows to Your Health: The Benefits of Regular Eye Exams

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