3 Tips for Summer Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Everyone knows to put on their sunscreen before heading out for a day at the beach or enjoying the fresh summer air, but your skin isn’t the only thing you need to protect. Just like the damage, it can do to your skin, sunlight can affect your eye health too! 

Certain summertime activities also come with some concerns for your eye health as well, so before you run out and enjoy that sunshine, make sure you’re protecting your eyes with these 3 tips for summer eye protection.

Remove Your Contacts Before Diving In!

It can be super easy to forget about having your contacts in before you take a dive into a pool on a hot summer day. But did you know that the chemicals in pool water and microorganisms found in many lakes and beaches can get trapped behind your contacts? 

Swimming with contacts can result in a number of ill effects due to the trapping of chemicals or bacteria such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Redness
  • Dry eyes
  • Pain

The lenses themselves can also become damaged or soften making them difficult to remove or result in eye irritation. So before you take a dip ensure that you’ve removed your contacts or have tight-fitting, eye doctor-approved goggles to protect your eyes! 

Wear The Right Eye Protection

Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory, they protect you from UV rays which can cause damage to your eyes and make it easier to see on a bright day. However, not all sunglasses are created equal, some are strictly for fashion purposes which is totally fine if you’re completing an outfit for a photoshoot or indoor event but if you’re heading out for a day in the sun consider these factors when buying a new pair of sunglasses:

  • Make sure they have 100% UV protection (sometimes listed as 100% UVA & UVB protection).
  • Get the right fit! Don’t choose your shades based solely on the latest trends, make sure your sunglasses cover your whole eye area and don’t sit too far away from your face to ensure the best protection.
  • Colours don’t matter, choose what you like! What colour or how dark your lenses are don’t indicate their level of UV protection so feel free to choose whatever colours you like as long as they have 100% UV protection. Additionally, polarized lenses do not increase UV protection but do offer some help with glare.

Choosing frames of any kind – sunglasses, reading or every day – can be hard. If you want help finding the perfect summer eye protection for you consider visiting a professional like those at Eye Optical. An optical store can help you find the right fit, protection and even make prescription sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy and happy without sacrificing style!

Add a Hat to Your Summer Outfit

Hats are a great summer accessory for beach days or yard work, but a hat can be an important part of protecting your eyes too! Most sunglasses have a gap in their protection – the sun that can peek in at the top of your glasses where they aren’t sitting flush to your face.

A hat can help add a layer of protection in addition to keeping your scalp, head and face shaded from UV rays and sun damage. The best part about hats is their stylish protection! Add a touch of flair to your summer outfit while protecting your eyes and skin from the sun’s harmful rays – it’s a win-win!

Watch Those Summer Chores!

Summer chores like mowing the lawn can seem pretty boring – what is there to be worried about really? However, they can be dangerous for your eyes and require proper eye protection. Activities like mowing the lawn or gardening, woodworking, building, even working on your care can all put your eyes in the line of fire for flying debris such as rocks, wood chips, and chemicals so you should always wear proper goggles, face shields, or glasses as a precaution to avoid injury.

If you do happen to experience an eye injury see a doctor immediately and make sure you follow up with your eye doctor for proper care and recovery. You may need to be fitted for proper eye protection to avoid further damage or future injuries.


When it comes to eye protection, ensure you’re wearing your sunglasses and hat whenever you head outdoors. Whether or not you can see the sun clearly, you’re still being exposed to damaging UV rays. 

Of course, keeping up with your regular eye exams play a huge role in keeping your eyes healthy and catching any concerns early on, but you can do a lot to protect your eyes – starting with proper eye protection.

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3 Tips for Summer Eye Protection

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