Yun Nam Review: Is this Hair Product Worth It?

Yun Nam

Are you having hair problems? Falling hair? Oily scalp? Dandruff? Well, luckily we have a good hair treatment that could solve your hair care needs. Personally, I want my hair fresh and clean. I think everyone wants that. It’s important to know what suitable hair care products and treatments are out there that could help. With that said, we will feature the Yun Nam review which seems to be the most popular fix nowadays. Let us talk about their FASTGro treatment.

What Is The Number One Cause Of Hair Problems?

Hair fall doesn’t just happen overnight. Contrary to popular belief, it usually takes 3 to 6 months of scalp problems before it causes you to have hair fall. Lots of issues and factors can affect hair growth and cause problems. Stress, Age, Sleeping Habits, Hereditary hair loss, and many more. Irritation of your scalp skin can also be caused by shampoos that aren’t right for you. Not washing your hair regularly can also cause your hair follicles to have dandruff build up around them causing those white flakey-like things to appear and fall from your scalp.

What Does The FASTGro Treatment Do?

They start off the treatment with a consultation, they will ask you questions about sleeping patterns, if you are stressed, and about your family’s genetics. They will analyze your scalp and will look for the possible problems and the causes of why these hair problems exist. After you are done getting assessed by the consultant, your designated hair treatment will now begin.

The FASTGro treatment focuses on deep cleansing and pH balance of your scalp. They have a specially formulated and unique ginseng shampoo that they will use to wash your hair before applying their unique lotion that balances out your scalp’s pH levels. This lotion helps oil glands from overproducing oil on your scalp. This would help prevent the clogging up of oil on your hair follicles.

After the consultation and deep cleansing, they will apply a special herbal blend that is a mix of Ginseng, Dang Gui, Hong Hua, He Shou Wu, Dang Shen, and Chuang Xiong. This special blend helps with alleviating dandruff and scalp irritation because of the ginseng and hong Hua that is in this unique blend. The chuanxiong and dang shen in the blend helps prevent balding issues and hair fall.

Yun Nam Review

To ensure that the FASTGro’s herbal blend sticks, Yun Nam Hair Care will now put you in a hair steamer to ensure that the herbal blend gets soaked in by your scalp. After the thermal treatment is done, they will wash your hair and apply its toning essence. Carefully apply their unique lotion to your scalp to help it absorb its nutrients. After that, they will style your hair quickly and you are done with your first treatment.

The Final Verdict: Is Yun Nam Hair Care Worth It?

Thinning of hair, hair loss, falling hair, an oily scalp, are the many hair problems one may encounter along the way. With all of these hair troubles, what’s a good answer to help and counter these issues? Yun Nam Hair Care’s FASTGro treatment. With their treatment plan, it is suitable for almost every hair problem one can encounter. They have a one-time trial sale for their new clients. Their prices are a bit pricey but surely worth it.

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Yun Nam Review: Is this Hair Product Worth It?

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