12 Fashion Looks for 2022

Fashion Looks

After spending two summers pretty much in our back gardens, this year, we are seeing new fashion trends that celebrate a look for people who are stepping outside the box. Everything from women’s Adidas trainers to 00s fashion, and a sprinkling of mini skirts in between. Here are 12 fashion looks and ideas we think will be hitting the streets this year.

Pleated Skirts

One of the most popular trends coming to light this season across the runways of world fashion is the pleated skirt. While the mini tennis skirt created some popularity, the outright winner was the pleated mini. Apart from that, there are no rules on how the pleat should be worn. Plain, printed, monochrome, colorful, paired with bralettes or knitwear. So if you’re wearing a pleated skirt, you are already stepping your fashion game up.

Super Sheer

This spring, super sheer fabrics will have a real moment in the sun, perfect for those who want to enjoy fashion again after spending the past two years in tracksuits. In addition, you can protect your modesty with clever layers, making this fabric one of the most flexible of 2022.

White Suits

While remote working is on the up, and the need for suits hasn’t been as prominent as it once was, this season is going to see the old favorite come back in full swing. Bold shoulders, waist ties, and stark white highlights are going to be the show stoppers they once were. Whether heading to the office or for a bank holiday drink, the suit is back, and it looks incredible.

White Suits

Low Slung Waists

High-rise jeans have been a dominant force in wardrobes for close to a decade, but things look to be changing in spring 2022. The low-slung waist is making a comeback as strong as in the 00s. Low-slung waists are all about revealing the midriff, so don’t hide away with oversized jumpers and knitwear. Instead, complete the noughties look with a crop top.

Liquid Metal

2022 is the season for metallic looks, but it’s not all about sequins and studs. Liquid metal sheens are becoming the new favorite, adding a gentle, contemporary look that is far more mature. Mainly found in silver and gold, the liquid metal designs create a feeling of shimmer falling around your body.

Netted Knitwear

It’s rare that knitwear makes a significant appearance during the summer, but after SS21’s fixation with all things crochet, knitwear takes on a more grown-up look this season with netting. We promise you’ll find any excuse to wear our netted knitwear, whether you’re strolling along the beach or heading out to dinner with your special someone.


Recent seasons have seen strapped accents become more popular, but they are set to really catch on from the summer of 2022. So if you’re wearing a strapped top or trousers with crisscrossed waistbands this season, you’ll have to dispense with fears of awkward tan lines.

Ultra Mini Mini-Skirts

In addition to pleated skirts, the hemlines of all other outfits are being shortened. There are a lot of thighs exposed beneath the short slip of fabric; the minis would have been perfect for the supermodels of the 1990s. If the skirt is small, pick statement-making colors, prints, or materials to make it stand out.

Closet of clothes

Leg Accessories

Many people wear tights during the winter, but for some reason, many of us don’t think about how to dress our legs during the summer. The SPF coverage and the fact that they are not overheating are enough for us. Embroidered hosiery, lace leggings, and thigh-high boots with feathered trims are taking center stage this season.


There’s no new news about cut-outs; we know that. We once thought they were a short-term trend, but it’s turned out that they are much longer-term than any of us thought. Can it really be a bad thing? With cost-per-wear and environmental factors in mind, wearing an item more frequently is better, and since cut-outs – wherever they appear on a garment – don’t seem to be going anywhere fast, it may be time to step up.

Outerwear Underwear

In summer 2022, underwear will be as acceptable as outerwear, another game-changer for the fearless dressers. The oversized sweater top is super chic when layered under a blazer, a dress, or a top with a practical cut-out (there’s that trend again).


The industry’s focus has been on muted hues and style androgyny for several seasons now, making it a long time since traditionally feminine pieces made their debut. Fashionistas are turning to pastels and pink shades for summer – from candy to rose to fuchsia – to add interest and playfulness to the fashion landscape.

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12 Fashion Looks for 2022

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