3 Stages to Becoming a Professional Crypto Trader [Beginners Guide 2022]

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There are numerous stages to go through and understand before one becomes a professional trader. However,  However, it boils down to three phases. Learning how to trade is the first one. The study of trading techniques and risk management is the second. The third level entails learning how to become a successful trader. Unfortunately, there is no way to skip this process. In this article, we will go over the specifics.

Learning how to trade

Learning how to trade is the first stage to becoming a professional trader. You must know first how crypto buy-and-sell works and where to execute it. It is where research comes into the picture. As a beginner, go and research first about blockchain explanatory, basic information regarding your prospect coin, trading principles, and crypto trading platforms. These four aspects are essential in learning how to trade and should be researched in this order.

First, you have to learn what is blockchain. You have to know how the technology works to understand why people patronise it. It is hard to continue with crypto trading if you do not realise why you are trading in the first place. You have to understand the value of the thing you have in your hands before you even buy or sell it. Once you grasp how blockchain works, pick a specific coin that you think is the best in several aspects. It is another topic to discuss, but some of the most vital traits of a coin are practical to use and sustainable.

Traders also look for its market cap, volume, circulating supply, price, and developers, to name some. Trading principles refer to why, how, and when trading exists. Decipher the main idea of trading, and you are good to go for the next step, which is choosing a crypto trading platform. This one answers the next question, where to trade. You must pick a beginner-friendly platform with a user interface that instructs you on the way to browse it.

Now that you know what to seek to understand trading, you need to know where to look for it. Some traders use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on the newest news and updates in the cryptocurrency market. They choose this style of study since it is convenient for them. Others conduct their research by reading articles, books, news, and journals on trustworthy cryptocurrency websites.

There are many credible websites out there that share knowledge about cryptocurrency. If you are on the stage where you are already looking for a crypto trading platform, you may consider checking website reviews for crypto trading platforms. Forbes, for instance, has a review for various platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood, among others. Bitcoin Motion is another great option for crypto beginners and you can see here if the platform is indeed legit. The article is prepared by a rising crypto media star.

Mastering trading strategies and risk management

As a trader, you must learn specific trading strategies that will help you make educated decisions. If you are well-equipped with trading strategies, you know how to move around the market. You know how to position yourself in the market. For instance, you know when to buy, sell, or hold your crypto asset. Remember, you have to choose a trading strategy that fits your goals, personality, and risk tolerance, among other factors.

When traders make money, they become overly optimistic. Profit is the sole aim of newcomer traders in cryptocurrency trading. They are not afraid of the market since they only want to profit. As they continue to gain with the buy-low-sell-high strategy, their confidence soars; and it occasionally leads them to a dead end. This is a common occurrence among new traders, and everyone should be aware of it. Note that we do not always hit the jackpot when trading.

Trading losses could change the expectation. One of the best things that can happen to a newbie trader is to experience small losses right from the start. It will serve as a smack in the face, and he will learn to respect the risk associated with the market. Traders who experience such experience implement stop-loss strategies to diminish losing trades impact.

Learning how to be a profitable trader

It is straightforward. Once you master the first two stages, profitable trading follows. How long will it take you to become a professional trader? Most of the time, it takes a year or two. It all depends on your determination. Some traders fail for several years in a row before turning lucrative. A trader who has been trading for 3-5 years is considered a beginner by an investor.

Closing Thoughts

Always keep in mind that trading is a never-ending adventure. Each trade is treated as a business by a professional trader. Some transactions will fail, but the majority will succeed. Going through all of these stages is arduous and will take years. As you progress, you’ll be able to figure out how to become a successful trader.

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3 Stages to Becoming a Professional Crypto Trader [Beginners Guide 2022]

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