5 Reasons To Transform Your Website Into A Mobile App

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Technology is constantly changing, the ways of conducting business have drastically changed. Studies have revealed that 80percent of consumers make use of smartphones to find products, stores information, or service details online. This means that increasingly more people are using a mobile device to do almost everything.

In turn, companies have realized that they must draw customers in by using mobile channels. But this isn’t enough. It is also essential to enhance their mobile apps as well as their websites to enhance user experience and surpass their conversion rates in order to get the most value from this channel.

Some businesses use both mobile and desktop apps. Some companies will decide to use one or the other. The decision between mobile apps and websites will depend on their price, their accessibility essential features, as well as the users they target.

While both channels come with their own advantages and disadvantages, creating an app that is mobile-friendly for your business could increase conversion rates.

A mobile app is a program that needs to be installed through the App Store. It’s tightly linked to the hardware on your device like a microphone, camera and accelerometer. It offers users greater experience through giving them accessibility to geolocation and camera functions, photos library, and more.

Let us look at 5 reasons to change your website into mobile app

Reason 1: Be More Accessible

Apps let you be in the same place your customers are…their phones. When your customers download your app onto their phones the icon you have created is displayed present on the phone of your customers. It’s just a mouse click away to let them call you, make an appointment or make an order. Apps will no longer require your customers to attempt to remember your website’s address or even spend the time to type in the URL.

Mobile apps offer more flexibility to users than a responsive web page. Research has shown that just 11 percent of mobile users are spending time browsing on mobile websites. From news and information to keeping track of fitness, everything is now mobile and it’s simple to see the reason. Mobile Apps have made it unnecessary for users to keep track of their URL. Users no longer have to type or search the URL into a browser.

Furthermore, the speed of accessing information via apps also happens 1.5 times quicker than websites. This is due to the fact that user information is stored locally within the application itself, contrast to data on websites that is stored in servers. Another factor is the fact that applications have more rapid response times when contrasted to websites.

Reason 2: Elevate Your Perception and Brand

Customers are looking to work with businesses who are in tune with the current trends. Today, people are using apps more than they do watching TV. Incredible right! 

Reason 3: Increase Search Engine Optimization

Google has already begun linking its websites to mobile applications. This year, Google will launch their “app first” rating. Mobile apps are no longer something to be desired but it will become a necessity to be a must.

Reason 4: Customer Engagement Enhancement

Apps let you send out timely messages directly to the customer’s mobile phone using Push Notifications. These messages could contain coupons, promotions or special products as well as links towards your cart, shopping notifications or other thought-provoking and inspirational messages. It’s no wonder that major companies like Walmart appreciate mobile apps and their push notifications receive nearly 18x higher per-click rates opposed to emails. Let’s imagine you’re an owner of a restaurant attempting to draw a bigger lunch crowd. It is possible to send an email message that reads: “Thanks for being our customer with a discount message attached to engage and repeat the consumer.The push notification can include an advertisement link as well as a shopping cart.

The days of ineffective email marketing strategies. Your users now get immediate updates about the latest promotions, launches for products and special deals. Utilize push notifications as well as in-app notifications to communicate important information in a discreet manner. With attractive offers and coupons it is possible to boost brand loyalty among your customer base.

A person will seldom go to a website on a regular basis. But the mobile application is always on the user’s screen. This results in a much more brand recognition than is offered by other traditional tools for marketing.

Reason 5: Gain Customer Loyalty

Customers love coupons and specials. Mobile apps can help you build loyalty among your customers by offering special offers which are only accessible via your application. It’s more expensive to win an existing customer than it does to retain one. Apps can help the business to ensure that your clients are interested and satisfied.

Closing Up

Hope the reasons have convinced you to Go For Mobile App Development!

Without doubt this is an era of Mobile apps. From productivity to lifestyle, health, travel and even food, virtually everything is on the tip of our fingertips. The world has become mobile, and in these conditions companies can’t afford to remain in the dark.

Before you move to the next level and engage with a mobile app development company take note of the requirements you have. Write down the USPs that your app has. Ask for help from professionals and developers in order to comprehend how apps work. 

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5 Reasons To Transform Your Website Into A Mobile App

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