Angular with .NET Core For Next-Gen Full-stack Web App Development

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Before beginning the application development process, you must choose the best technology stack that suits your product and business needs. A technology stack has all the required combination of programming languages, tools, and frameworks that helps in completing successful application development.

This blog post will help you understand the combination of Angular and .NET Core for application development, its benefits, and the reasons for choosing the combination.

Brief Introduction On Angular Js

Since Angular was introduced, it has provided immense scalability and top performance. It has been used in Office 365, Google Cloud Blog, Xbox, Forbes, etc. The Angular framework has simplified developing user interfaces and solving all the existing problems through a single integrated package.

Angular is one of the preferred front-end frameworks to develop applications across all platforms ( Mobile, Desktop, Web ). That is why more and more product owners are looking to hire Angular developer. Angular Js internally boost the speed of the application, reduce the application size, and improves the application’s flexibility.

Brief Introduction On .NET Core

.NET Core is an open-source framework used for cross-platform application development. Microsoft has released and developed the .NET core in 2016 to replace .NET Framework. It has some additional features that were not in the previous version.

.NET Core is a highly preferred backend framework for all platforms and devices. No one can doubt that .NET Core has the utmost promising future in the coming years. Hire .Net core developers to bring reliable and easy maintenance support to your ongoing development.

The application built using .NET Core is lightweight, which leads to a fast development process, easy upgrades, and a cost-effective application.

Benefits of technical stack Angular And .NET Core For App Development

The combination of Both frameworks for application development makes strong full-stack web applications. It also has various benefits that are listed below:

  • It decreases the cost of application development.
  • It enhances the scalability of an application.
  • Increased performance of application and quality of code used for development.
  • It also improves application security.

Reasons To Choose Angular + .NET Core For Application Development

Now let’s look at the core reasons behind Angular and .NET core for application development.

  • Separate Codebase: Whenever you start the process of your Angular application development with .NET Core, it is not necessary to stay dependent on code of .NET Core. You can easily separate both the frameworks and combine them later to have a successful development.
  • Fast Application Development: Both Angular and .NET Core helps in faster development as both are open source frameworks. Also, both have lots of inbuilt libraries and community support that boost the development speed.

Angular TypeScript is written in a very strong language, like C#. Therefore, this combination can easily solve the bugs and errors to make the application market-ready.

  • Cost Efficient: The combination of both front-end and back-end frameworks decreases the development cost by delivering the product in minimal time. As mentioned above, Angular and .NET are written in similar languages, that are also a great advantage in reducing the cost of application development.
  • UI Stake Flexibility: Angular and .NET Core provide certain modules and libraries that provide flexibility to work on UI to make applications more user-friendly and attractive. This remarkable functionality improves the load speed of client-side pages to keep the users intact.

Angular Templates With .NET Core

The team of ASP.NET has developed templates for Angular and React to support the development of front-end applications with back-end .NET Core. These templates provide support to both types of applications in hosting in single. Therefore, developing and launching the applications within a single unit becomes easier.

Angular templates give commands that are useful in the below list of points:

  • Run Tests
  • Adds various code blocks into web application
  • Allows to run applications in development mode


This blog has provided adequate information to understand why it is preferred to use Angular for front-end and .NET Core for backend application development. It has a nature, templating system, and modular structure that boosts the performance of your applications. The .NET Core brings security, reliability, and speed to cross-platform applications. Contact Bacancy, the best web app development company, to clear all queries and get a rich, user-friendly application.

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Angular with .NET Core For Next-Gen Full-stack Web App Development

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