The Average Cost of TV Antenna Installation

TV Antenna Installation

Here we are in 2021 talking about installing a tv antenna…it seems we’ve come full circle. For those of you too young to remember, when television began, channels were picked up with various types of TV antennas.

With the rising costs of cable television along with the ever-changing number of streaming services available, many TV watchers are switching back to antenna TV to get their local channels free of charge.

When you want to get the best television-watching experience, hiring a pro who knows how to install a TV antenna is your best bet.

Are you wondering what you can expect to pay for TV antenna installation? Check out our guide that explains the average antenna installation cost.

Which Factors Determine Cost of TV Antenna Installation?

Installing a TV antenna seems fairly easy and straightforward but it’s a little more complicated especially when it involves working on the roof and connecting to electrical equipment. Let’s look at what goes into determining the price you can expect to pay.

Types of TV Antennas

If you invested money in the newest TV set up with surround sound, you want the proper antenna for optimal viewing. There are three things to consider when choosing your antenna.

  • indoor vs. outdoor
  • multidirectional vs. unidirectional
  • amplified vs. non-amplified

Using a simple indoor antenna means easily hooking up the antenna to the back of your TV and placing it in a spot where it picks up the most channels. This will cost anywhere from $10 to $75.

Outdoor units involve getting up on the roof or going into the attic and then connecting it to electrical equipment. An outdoor unit can cost you between $30 and $300 and the total with installation ranges between $215 and $425.

Multidirectional antennas are just like the name implies…they receive signals from all directions around your home. A unidirectional antenna receives a signal while pointed at one source. These both run in the same price range as noted above.

Non-amplified units don’t need an additional power source to work and are the most common in homes throughout the country. The cost ranges from $30 to $200. Amplified units boost the signals you’re receiving and can give you a wider number of channels. You can expect to add $50 to $150 to the cost of installation and you may need to hire an electrician.

Additional Equipment

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your TV antenna, you may want to add things like interference filters, motorized rotors, and a pole or mast.

Interference filters remove radio waves and cost less than $25. Motorized rotors allow you to change the direction of a unidirectional antenna when you need to change it up for a better signal. These cost between $100 and $300.

A pole or mast allows you to install the antenna anywhere on your property to get the strongest signal. Expect to spend between $50 and $200 plus installation.

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TV Antenna Installation Prices

Now you know approximately how much you can expect to pay for TV antenna installation depending on where you live and a couple of other factors. You may also want to add other items to maximize the reception so keep those costs in mind as well.

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The Average Cost of TV Antenna Installation

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