What To Do If You Have Poor Cellular Connection In Your Home

Poor Cellular Connection

Within the US, it has been found that 35% of smartphone users will check their phones at least 50 times a day. More people invest in a mobile phone with each passing year.

As you can see by the above statistic, people are continuously checking their phones. How many of the 50 times a day have people found they have a poor cellular connection?

People may not realize that poor signals can be prevented. Keep reading for a few ways you can help promote a regular, strong cellular signal for your phone.

Find Objects That Are Causing the Problem

Some readers may think this solution sounds a bit strange, but it works. Do you find you have a poor phone connection in certain locations within your home? If so, take a look at the objects around you.

Your nearest cell tower will be sending signals to each of our phones. The best way to receive that signal is to have a clear path between the tower and the phone.

This may be an impossible task when you find yourself stood within your home. Try rearranging your household items surrounding the poor signal areas. You may find that moving particular objects will help maximize that connection.

Make Sure to Keep Your Phone Charged

A poor cellular connection could be caused due to a low level of charge on your phone. The connection that is made between your phone and the cell tower will use battery power.

If your phone is close to being flat, this will affect the level of connection you are able to draw from the tower. So keep your phone fully charged as often as you can to keep your signal high.

If you cannot charge your phone, take other actions to help reduce the battery depletion. For example, change the level of brightness your phone screen is set to. Doing so will reduce the speed with which your battery power is being used.

Make Use of Your Home’s WI-FI

With a constant advance in technology, you will find an advancement of apps follows it. So nowadays, you can find an app for almost every need within your life.

You can now download apps that allow you to communicate with your friends and family. Once you connect to your Wi-Fi, you can message or even call those you know.

Many companies, such as Suddenlink Internet Service, will now offer you package deals. These deals will help give you the best internet connection for your budget.

Ensure to Hold Your Phone Properly

Some of us over a certain age will remember owning phones with antennas poking from the top. Modern phones still use antennas, but they are held within the case.

You could find that the way you are holding your phone is actually blocking the antenna. you may find holding your phone in a different way will allow the antenna to receive the signal better.

It is easier than you think to block the cell tower’s signal, as mentioned in the first point. Your hand has just as much chance of blocking the signal as an object within your home.

Play Around With the Airplane Mode

One method you could use to increase network signal could be to toggle the airplane mode. First, find the airplane mode within your settings and turn it on. Then, give it time to take effect, and after a few seconds, turn it off again.

Doing this can be a great way of rebooting your antenna into receiving a stronger signal. Think of a computer. If you have a problem, you tend to turn your computer off and on again.

Keep to the Correct Time and Date

One of the more interesting problems which cause lousy cell service is the time and date on your phone. If the time and date on your phone are set to a different time zone from the one you are in, this could affect your antenna.

Go into your settings and find how to adjust your time and date to the time zone you are in. Some of you may even have the option to allow your phone to update to whichever time zone you are in automatically.

Check for Any Available Updates

Many of the modern smartphones will release regular updates to their software. Therefore, no signal bars may be caused due to your phone having outdated software.

Check with your phone provider if there have been any recent updates for your phone. You may find that installing the most recent software on your phone will help raise your signal strength.

Invest in a Booster

The rise in technology has allowed companies to release phone signal boosters. These boosters will include an antenna which you can place on the outside of your home.

The booster will then take the signal and transfer it to an internal amplifier. The amplifier will send the signal throughout your home. Many of the above problems will become obsolete through the use of a booster.

Fix Your Poor Cellular Connection Today

Gone are the days of poor cellular connection around our homes. We can now take action to improve our signal. Don’t let bad signals cause you to keep out of touch with your friends and family.

If you find this list doesn’t solve your signal problem, look into the apps and boosters. Your Wi-Fi will be far more reliable than the one sent from a distant cell tower. Perhaps you can check the phone repair calculator to see how much will it cost you if you have your phone fixed by a professional technician.

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What To Do If You Have Poor Cellular Connection In Your Home

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