5 Backyard Ideas for Kids Who Love the Outdoors

Backyard Ideas for Kids

The summer vacation can seem endless. But every parent wants the weeks to be filled with fun and productive play, rather than relentless whining and too much screen time!

There are many benefits of outdoor play for kids, including improved motor skills and muscle strength, and better overall health. Your backyard is the perfect place for them to play, safely and independently. Read on for some great backyard ideas for kids to keep them entertained for hours!

1. Sand Play

You can’t go wrong with a big sandbox, incorporated into your space. This is one of the most fun backyard ideas for kids; there’s a reason why it’s so popular!

You can add buckets and spades for classic sandcastle building fun, or diggers and trucks to set up a play construction site. You could even add dinosaurs, leaves and sticks to set up a dinosaur desert paradise. The possibilities are endless!

2. A Kids’ Outdoor Lounge

This is one of my favorite backyard ideas for older kids. You could set up a fun area for them to lounge around,  maybe reading books or chatting with their friends.

A simple inflatable circular pool with pillows and blankets makes a great space. You could also add umbrellas to provide shade for a really relaxing and unique area.

3. A Water Paradise

Kids love to play in the water, no matter how old they are. For tiny tots, a small pool is a lot of fun. You could also think about a splash pad or a sprinkler system. This is particularly fun when the weather is hot.

If your backyard is big enough, you could even consider installing a proper swimming pool. This is a great investment and will provide hours of fun and relaxation for all the family. You should consult a custom pool builder to help you make the most of your available space.

4. Embrace Nature!

One of the best things about playing outdoors is that it provides an opportunity to learn about nature. By planting native flowers and trees in your garden, you’ll provide an inviting environment for birds and insects. Maybe you could add a bird feeder or a birdbath too.

Then you can sit back and watch the birds and bees and use this as a great learning opportunity. Of course, the kids can get involved with gardening, too. Anything that gives them permission to get muddy is likely to be popular!

5. Get Crafty!

There are loads of great backyard ideas for kids that involve arts and crafts. You can set up an easel for painting outside, try some pavement art with chalks, or even get really mucky with some clay or other modeling crafts.

Being outside provides the perfect opportunity for really messy art projects that you might not want to risk doing indoors. So make the most of your space and get crafty!

Cool Backyard Ideas for Kids

We’ve explored loads of great backyard ideas for kids in this article. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired now towards a summer of fun in your backyard.

For more great lifestyle ideas, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of the blog.

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5 Backyard Ideas for Kids Who Love the Outdoors

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