What Are Some Things That I Should Know Before Moving to Chicago?

Moving to Chicago

Do you love deep-dish pizza and snowy winters? Could you grow to love and support the Cubs? If so, it sounds like moving to Chicago is for you!

The Windy City is a metropolitan hub on the banks of Lake Michigan in Illinois. It is famous for its world-class museums, stunning skyscrapers, and diverse employment opportunities.

But is big-city living in Chicago ideal for you? It might be a great place to visit—is it a great place to live? Read this guide and decide for yourself!

There Are 77 Chicago Neighborhoods

If you are moving to Chicago, you will have a whopping 77 neighborhoods to choose from!

Single, young professionals might enjoy the urban lifestyle of West Loop, right in the middle of the action. This Chicago neighborhood is right next to the business district and is home to amazing dining options.

Or are you a self-confessed hipster and nothing makes you happier than a health foods store and a deconstructed espresso bar? If so, head to Wicker Park, which has lots of green spaces, bike lanes, and independent bookstores.

Some other great Chicago neighborhoods to live in include Hyde Park, Andersonville, and Logan Square.

Chicago’s Rental and Housing Market Is Affordable

Chicago is the third biggest city in the US so you might think the house prices are expensive, right? Wrong! The housing market is affordable for many middle-class Americans and there are lots of choices because of services like URB.

Locals might say that the rent in Chicago is expensive. But in the last year, Chicago rental prices dropped 12% compared to the national average of just over 1%.

The median home price in Chicago is around $190,000. And the average home price in Chicago is around $280,000 which is in line with the National average.

So, if you are a smart homeowner, you will buy property in Chicago!

Prepare for Chicago Weather

The Swedish say there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. And it will do you well to adopt this mindset when moving to Chicago.

It gets very, very cold in Chicago with lows of 21°F in December. Invest in a super-heavy winter coat, thermals, and waterproof boots.

But also prepare for the gorgeous spring and summer weather from May to October. Then you will remember why you moved to a lakeside city!

You Will Never Get Bored in Chicago

But if you are moving to Chicago, then you are not going there for the weather. Here are some of the amazing things to do in Chicago:

  • Eat deep-dish pizza and hot dogs
  • Willis Tower (the former Sears Tower)
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Millennium Park

And you might think New York has all the top theater shows in the country but Chicago is a close second. After all, it is home to the famous Second City improv troupe and almost all broadway shows tour in Chicago.

Get Excited About Moving to Chicago

After learning more about the city, you will no doubt agree that moving to Chicago is a brilliant choice. Whether you are relocating with a job or moving with your family, there are endless things to see and do here for affordable prices.

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What Are Some Things That I Should Know Before Moving to Chicago?

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