Five Uses for Custom Fabric Patches

Custom Fabric Patches

Custom fabric patches have been around for a while, and for good reason.

They’re appealing to people of all age groups and industries, and are great additions to goodie bags and gift baskets.

But what’s so special about custom fabric patches? How can fabric patches boost your professional or personal endeavors?

To understand more, keep reading for five uses for custom fabric patches. We’ll give you five great ideas on how to use them to their fullest potential.

1. Team Spirit

Team patches are a great, low-maintenance way to showcase camaraderie. Their versatility makes them great for any kind of team, no matter the industry.

They’re particularly popular as sports patches. It’s a great way to introduce the team to non-members. Team soccer patches will also remind members of their concord outside of soccer practice. So if you’ve got a soccer team that needs marketing and/or morale, soccer patches will help!

2. Marketing Materials

As we’ve just mentioned, custom fabric patches make great marketing materials. That’s because they make people remember your brand. Of course, you have your business cards and flyers, but iron-on patches are more eye-catching.

Since they’re made out of fabric, they’re also less likely to be disposed of. Their customizability into a variety of sizes also makes them less bulky.

Imagery is also a lot more striking than just a logo, making them great contributors to brand recognition. They’re great if you want people to remember your business, especially if it’s within a popular industry.

3. Customizing Wardrobe

With all the custom designs available, it’s easy for custom patches to transform your wardrobe. Something like one denim jacket can turn into three with the right patch designs. If you ever decide you’d like another look, you can keep the same jacket and purchase more patches.

4. Uniforms

Iron-on patches are great to incorporate into uniforms for two reasons. They have many more benefits than these two, but they’re unique to their status as fabric, iron-on patches.

1. Budget-friendliness: If you’re on a budget, then custom patches will give you the best value for the right look. Employees, students, or members can iron on the patch onto existing clothing that they already own. This is far cheaper than buying custom T-shirts.

2. Emphasis on authority: Custom patches will make any emblem stick out on a uniform. That way, people that need your help understand that you’re the person to talk to.

5. Merchandise

Avid customers or viewers might want a physical reminder of your brand. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs are all common merch items.

But custom patches are much more lightweight — and not to mention, cheap and easy to turn a profit from. They’ll make easy additions to customers’ shopping carts, and will look stylish with their belongings.

Let Custom Fabric Patches Transform Your Look

Custom fabric patches look wonderful while being effective for marketing and team morale. It’s why they’re widely distributed across different industries and audiences — and why not, considering that they’re versatile and look great?

This article should inspire you to think about your first patch design. If it has, check out the rest of our site! We’re plenty of other great ideas like this one.

Five Uses for Custom Fabric Patches

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