5 Best Bridal Accessories For Indian Bride

Best Bridal Accessories

PAYAL TO NATH, Here Are Best 5 Bridal  Accessories That Indian Bride Definitely Needs

You’re finally getting married! Are you ready for your big day? No, we understand that you’ve been playing your wedding in your head ever since you were probably 15, but wedding planning, with a date just months away, can be extremely stressful. We are right about that, aren’t we? Remember, the whole process should be fun. Sure, it can be all-consuming at times, after all, it’s your wedding, and wanting it to be just perfect is not an unrealistic idea. But this exciting time is yours, and just yours, enjoy every moment through it.

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Once you’ve finished the wedding-related tasks and all the errands are done with, place final thought on your wedding outfit. When you’re on the stage it can’t be the time to think, ‘Did I pick the right wedding dress?’ All the thinking needs to be done, and now. Once you’ve found the right kind of thing to wear, the job is only half done. You need to also find the right bridal accessories. Did the checklists you made include one for your bridal accessories? No? We’ve got you sorted.

Whether you wish to go all out or be a minimalist bride, there are a few bridal accessories you just can’t do without. These accessories are fundamental to a traditional Indian bride. These are what differentiates them from other brides across the world.

1. Payal

A payal design can be intricate with pearls or it can be the perfect assemblage of floral and Gota jewellery. There are a million Latest payal designs that you can choose from. A slender silver payal for your big day is a great idea. You’ll be able to pair them with whatever you wear, even after your wedding day, suits or sarees. Anklets have been worn since time immemorial, even sculptures in ancient temples show women wearing them. A bride is simply incomplete without her pair of payal. What’s the significance of wearing this accessory? A payal is meant to announce the arrival of the new bride in her husband’s house with its sweet, tinkling sound.

2. Nath

From minimalistic, simple naths to heavy, embellished ones, there’s a nath design for every bride. A nath is the most beautiful bridal accessory. And today, the 21st-century bride still loves the traditional accessory, she won’t dare to go without it – thanks to its new versions, encrusted with polki, meenakari, solitaires and pearls. A nath pulls the whole bridal look together. A bride is no bride without a gorgeous-looking nath.

3. Matha Patti

Even celebrity brides haven’t shied away from wearing a matha patti. Deepika Padukone looked amazing in her red Sabyasachi and exquisite jewellery. Even Sonam Kapoor was seen in a matha patti on her wedding day. A matha patti is essential to an Indian bride. Anushka Sharma was too seen in a pale pink mathapatti to match her lehenga.

4. Maang Tika

Investing in a maang tika like bridal accessories is not a bad idea at all. You can reuse and restyle the accessory with most traditional outfits. Pairing your nath with a maang tika is the way to go. It would be nice if they coordinate and are in sync with each other.

5. Layered Necklace

You’ve found the wedding lehenga of your dreams and it’s perfect. Now, layer and transform it like royalty. Going big on jewellery and opting for chunky, coloured stones is a great idea. Trust us and you’re sure to look like a Queen. Go classic with a choker and long, layered necklace or mix and match different necklaces with different lengths. Do pay attention to the neckline of your blouse so you don’t go wrong with the end result.

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Here we have talked about the best, absolutely must-have bridal accessories that every kind of bride needs to wear on her big day. Do not forget to share this checklist with every bride-to-be you know.

5 Best Bridal Accessories For Indian Bride

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