5 Best Whiskey Glasses To Buy In 2021

Best Whiskey Glasses To Buy

Whiskey is one of the most popular and sought-after beverages. It comes enriched in a variety of flavors and aromas. But if you pay attention to certain aspects, you’ll be able to enjoy this appreciated drink till its last drop. The choice of your whisky glass is one such important factor that’ll help you get the most out of your drink.

A good whiskey glass enhances your drinking experience. It creates a soothing ambiance to add to your overall enjoyment. Drinking whiskey isn’t the only way to enjoy it. It is essential to take your time and smell the tones of your spirit. Glasses also intensify the aroma and flavor of the spirit poured into them. Their structure can help concentrate the smell toward the rim so that your nose can inhale the enchanting undertones of the liquor.

Your drinking experience will differ with different whisky glasses. So you can add different styles of whisky glasses to your home bar collection. Here are the five best whiskey glasses that you should consider purchasing.

1.   Norlan Whisky Glass

These hand-blown glasses from Norlan are created by fusing two molded pieces of borosilicate glass. This gives them a double-walled design. The design allows your senses to capture the whisky’s aromatics and flavors.

The glass material, i.e., borosilicate glass, maintains a steady temperature and prevents the whisky from getting warm. Norlan glass combines the best of tumbler glass and nosing glass. The outer round curve allows the glass to fit comfortably in your hands, while the inner tulip curve reveals distinct taints. With the 7-ounce capacity, these double-walled glasses keep the heat from your hand away from the whisky.

These glasses are elegant and lightweight. With this design, you don’t need to tilt your head back to sip the drink. You can find some of the unique whiskey glasses to elevate your drinking experience after a long day.

2.   Glencairn Whisky Glass

Whiskey Glasses

If you love whiskey neat, then these Glencairn glasses are your best bet. For over 20 years, Glencairn glass has been a default tasting choice. They were the official whisky-tasting glass provider to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

The Glencairn glass is tulip-shaped, which represents the traditional Scotch nosing Copitas. These glasses are known for their tapered rim, which maintains the whiskey’s aroma and makes sipping easy. The sturdy and elegant base eliminates any unintentional heat.

You can easily swirl your whiskey in Glencairn whiskey glasses, allowing oxygen to contact your beverage. The shape of Glencairn glasses concentrates the spirit’s aroma to your nose. Since smell controls 80% of our sense of taste, the whiskey tastes similar to what you smell.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses are made from lead-free crystal, making them ideal for everyday use. These sparkling clear glasses are available in a set of four. The 6-ounce glass is perfect for social drinking.

3.   Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass

If you’ve been drinking whiskey from the same boring glass, then it is time for you to upgrade to a new design. Diamonds inspire the unique shape of Dragon Whiskey Glasses. The spill-proof glass rests at a 50-degree tilted angle, which gives it an elegant look. The angular design allows your whiskey to aerate while sipping. The comfortable hold means that you can also swirl your whiskey without the fear of spilling.

The diamond glass from Dragon Glassware is known for its durability. These high-quality lead-free glasses are heat-resistant, making them microwave and freezer safe.

With a sizeable 10-ounce capacity, these stunning glasses are a must-have addition to your cabinet. They are a perfect gift item and come with luxury gift packaging.

4.   Huckberry Whiskey Peaks Glass

The lead-free Huckberry Whiskey Peaks Glasses are all made by hand. Each glass contains a handmade 3D miniature topographical impression of the world’s finest and majestic mountains, including Mount Everest, Mount Rainier, and even the Grand Canyon. These raised impressions float up from the bottom, providing an elegant and attractive finishing. Each monumental effort takes over 12 hours to finish.

Whiskey Peaks Glasses have a lightweight feel but are highly durable. The walls are paper-thin to let the whisky shine beautifully. With a unique sipping experience, you’ll want to reach for them again and again. What’s more, you get the option to select the mountain range to suit your bold ambitions.

Huckberry Whiskey Peaks Glasses are an ideal gift for your adventure-loving friends too. Since these large 11.5-ounce glasses are handblown, you’ll notice slight variations on each glass.

5.   Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Glasses

These luxury whiskey glasses from Venero have a twisted design for a better grip. The thick wall and heavy base provide insulation to your drink and keep it at the right temperature. Its robust design ensures that the ice doesn’t melt easily. This keeps your drink chilled for an extended period.

In light, the crystal clear design offers a sparkling glow to your whiskey. The premium style makes these glasses ideal for sharing a toast on special occasions. Venero glasses are guaranteed to capture your guests’ attention. These 10-ounce capacity glasses come with a lifetime warranty, which means you can get them replaced if damaged.

The glasses are packed in a beautiful luxury gift box and are an excellent present for whiskey glassware lovers. However, with such an eye-catching and sculptural design, you might want to keep them for yourself.


Best Whiskey Glasses To Buy

For some people, drinking whiskey is a ritual that gives them pure enjoyment. And a quality whiskey glass is an integral part of that ritual. The right choice of whiskey glass will influence the smell and taste of your beverage.

Purchase a hand-blown glass that not only suits and reflects your personality but also enhances your drinking experience. But make sure you consume whisky in a moderate amount to experience the benefits.

When making a purchase, it is essential to pay attention to the manufacturing process, the composition, and the feel in your hands and lips. Make sure you select the right glass for you to make your drinking experience much more magical.

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5 Best Whiskey Glasses To Buy In 2021

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