The Essentials To Know About The Gym

The Gym

When entering a gym or sports center for the first time, several fundamental aspects must be taken into account in order to enjoy the virtues they offer. Despite the obvious, in addition to the facial mask, the use of sportswear is essential. In this regard, comfort precedes fashion, although currently the creators of sportswear combine design and comfort in the same garment. Look for clothes that breathe well and allow you freedom of movement. Including a good sports outfit is always a good option.

The First Weeks 

The first weeks in the gym will emphasize an essentially aerobic workout (stimulation of the cardiovascular system), accompanied by global muscle toning and stretching exercises. All this process will be done gradually and supervised. It is important that at the beginning all technical gestures are corrected in order not to create postural defects. Comfortable clothing is an essential aspect of a good workout, especially for the first time.

Lose Weight

In this case, the training will be focused on performing continuous exercises of moderate intensity. Group classes (aerobics, stationary bike, spinning) are highly recommended in this group due to their high caloric consumption, and because of their recreational component. The aerobic work will suppose the bulk of the daily routine, accompanied, if necessary, by muscle-building exercises according to the following formula: many repetitions with little weight.


If the aim is to stay in shape, this objective will support both training systems. You will combine aerobic work and bodybuilding in the same routines, either adding them in the same session or interspersing the systems on alternate days.

Your Footwear

Very important is the footwear to use in every fitness program or movement. It must incorporate an optimal cushioning system, especially if you intend to run on the treadmill, do aerobics, step, cardio box, or any other impact activity for the lower body. Moreover, if you want to try a very specific class that requires special footwear, find out beforehand.


A mandatory complement is a towel, not only to wipe off your own sweat, but also to protect yourself from strangers when using machines and benches, thus becoming an essential hygiene item when training. In these times of COVID-19, it does not hurt either that you bring your own hydro alcoholic gel.


Whenever using machines, or dumbbells, it is advisable to use gloves specially designed for this. These gloves fulfill a double function, on the one hand, to offer a padded surface at the point of grip, relieving the pain of pressure, and on the other to prevent the appearance of calluses and corns on the hands.


If you also plan to complement your activity in the weight room or in directed classes with a little swimming pool, you will need a comfortable and tight sports swimsuit and a hat to cover your hair. On the other hand, bringing your device with music and headphones so as not to disturb your gym mates will help you motivate yourself and focus on your exercises. Find a Bootcamp Denver offers and follow these tips once you sign up for a fitness program.

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The Essentials To Know About The Gym

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