How To Feel Like A Brand New Woman After Having A Baby

You’ve just had a baby, and that warrants a huge congratulations. Bringing a life into this world is an amazing and beautiful gift, and all of the new mamas out there deserve tons of credit. Postpartum is a different experience for every woman. With this in mind, you must know how to get back to feeling like yourself.

No matter how you’re feeling throughout this postpartum process, it’s integral to know you’re not alone. More importantly, you’re more than worthy of wanting to feel great and reinvented after the birth of your child. The good news is that there are numerous tips and advice to take to get you towards feeling like the woman you want to be. Here are a few of those ideas that will help you feel like a brand new woman after having your little one.

Lean on a nurturing community

Having A Baby

A reliable community is key in navigating motherhood. Resources like should become your go-to guide for all things new mom-related. Truly Mama is a website with an entire community of first-time moms, seasoned moms, and pregnant women, too. Basically, it’s the perfect resource for advice, reviews on particular baby products, and everything in between. Plus, it’s also useful for after your baby graces this world to use as a tool to promote healthy communication with other moms who will relate to how you’re feeling.

While an online community is vital, it’s also wise to have people in your life that will be of support to you. If you’re not super close with family members, then consider letting your friends help you after childbirth. On the other hand, if you only feel comfortable getting help from family, then don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. It’s up to you to ask for the help you need, so don’t feel bad doing so. This way, you can focus on taking even a few minutes to yourself to do something for yourself.

Make caring for your baby more manageable

Having A Baby

The consensus is out that breastfeeding is beneficial for your baby, but it’s also good for new moms too. Research shows that babies fed by breast milk may have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies. On the other side, moms that choose to breastfeed may benefit from less postpartum bleeding and less risk of postpartum depression, too. However, not every mother can breastfeed, and that’s totally acceptable! This is exactly why formula was made—so that your newborn gets the necessary nutrients they need without any shame for your choices as a mother.

If you opt for breastfeeding, though, then look into purchasing one of the best pumping bras to make hands-free pumping even easier. Simple Wishes’ pumping bras come in a variety of styles that allow you to make specific with adjustable straps, hooks, and stretchy fabric for the perfect fit. There are bras for moms who want lots of breast coverage while also achieving hands-free pumping within the cups. Other bras they offer are more minimal coverage and double as a pumping bra/nursing bra, with openings for your nipple so the baby can latch on more quickly. All in all, these nursing bras make a pump session so much simpler without compromising on comfort and elegance that makes you feel confident.

Don’t be discouraged by hair loss

Having A Baby

Maybe something that’s getting in the way of feeling good about yourself is your experience with hair loss during pregnancy. Rest assured, hair loss is actually quite common during and after pregnancy. This is due to the hormone changes you experience. To put it simply, when you’re pregnant, your estrogen levels rise dramatically. This usually results in a lack of hair loss. In addition to your hormones increasing, your circulation generally increases while pregnant too. All of this means good news for your hair growth.

However, after your baby is born, these hormone levels drop off which means your hair loss that didn’t take place in the last nine months is compounding after your baby’s birth. If you’re experiencing high levels of hair loss, you should look into this Shapiro MD review. Shapiro MD is a shampoo and conditioner that may contain a minoxidil serum which shows promise in helping hair loss. Instead of taking any hair loss as a setback to your self-esteem, be proactive by utilizing these reviewed treatments or styling your hair in ways that make you feel beautiful.

Go for a night out

Having A Baby

You’re trying to feel like a brand new woman after having your newborn. An essential step in this process is making the effort to get out of the house and partake in ventures that make you feel alive. Plan a date night with your partner, or go for a girl’s night out with your closest friends to celebrate one another. Get dressed up for the occasion in a distinct outfit that allows you to exude confidence. Make sure to select an outfit that makes you feel refreshed. This is necessary because a new outfit makes you feel excited instead of wearing something old that doesn’t fit well or feels dull.

Once you’ve got your plans down and an outfit in mind, check out these party dresses in different silhouettes to begin your clothing search. Shopping online for your party dress is a smart next step because it allows easy access to tons of dresses that will look stunning and fit into your budget. Look into various styles, like a bodycon dress for a slim, snug fit that shows off every curve for a sexy look, or a loose-fitting midi dress that hits you right above your ankles. No matter the type of dress you prefer, make sure that you buy the right fit so you can rock your look with ease of mind. While you’re at it, be sure to get an accessory or two to amp up your unique style as well. These small interventions like shopping for clothes you love and taking the time to spend enjoyable leisure time with your partner or friends will have you feeling brand new in no time.

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How To Feel Like A Brand New Woman After Having A Baby

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